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Features and Specifications


Manufactured in-house at our production facility in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, our containers offer a smart and efficient ‘plug and play’ approach to site installation and commissioning.

Our containerised packages:

  • Enable expedited site installation
  • Provide low maintenance cost
  • Ensure maximum high availability


Our modular systems enable quick availability and ensure low costs

  • Plants can easily be adapted to various amounts of gas by adding or removing containers (e.g. for landfill or sewage gas)
  • Much shorter planning, building, and commissioning times
  • Lower investment costs, especially in the case of plant extensions
  • Risk mitigation, as our containers are easier to disassemble, transport and reuse


Our containers offer more gain through optimum tuning of all components

  • Designed from over 30 years’ experience of maintaining the equipment, thus ensuring the highest availability figures
  • Control of the entire system through our in-house designed and built control panels
  • Optimum service by Edina, the packager and official distributor of the generation set
  • High reliability through container quality ‘made by the same company that maintains and operates’


Our flexible plant configuration to suit your power needs

  • CHP or power containers
  • Gas compressor and gas refrigeration dryer (if necessary)
  • Gas mixers and gas trains tuned to the respective gas quality


Our smart container concept facilitates the daily operation

  • Fully meets all UK Health and Safety requirements for both supply and maintenance
  • Welded steel construction and space-saving heat and noise insulation; separate control room
  • Lifting beams for fastening hoisting gear
  • Rails in the container floor and removable end panel allow for quick disassembly of the Genset
  • Container floor serves as oil sump, meets all bunding requirements


Our containers provide high availability and low service costs

  • Ventilation and circulation control ensures optimum air intake temperatures, even if the outside temperature is very high or low
  • High positive pressure in container reduces the amount of dust
  • All connection points on the container edge for simple and straightforward connections
  • Roof components can be pre-assembled or delivered in modules in order to minimise transport costs
  • Internal new and waste oil tank

Containerised Genset Specifications (75dba @1m, 30C ambient)

TCG 2016 C

Engine TypeV08V12V16
Length (mm)13,80014,70014,700
Width (mm)2,8002,8002,800
Height (mm)3,0003,0003,000
Dry Weight (kg)20,00024,00026,000
Wet Weight (kg)24,00028,00030,000

TCG 2020

Engine TypeV12V16V20
Length (mm)14,70014,70017,000
Width (mm)3,4003,4003,400
Height (mm)3,1003,1003,400
Dry Weight (kg)35,00040,00050,000
Wet Weight (kg)40,00045,00055,000