Powering your Energy Transition

MWM Gas Engines configured for electricity generation, heat, cooling and/or CO2 recovery can significantly benefit users within a wide range of operating sectors. These benefits include reduced energy costs, and carbon emissions, improved energy efficiency and resilience, asset flexibility and whilst supporting your energy transition. 

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Reduce Your Carbon Emissions

Enhance Your Energy Resilience

Improve Your Asset Flexibility


We Are Hydrogen-Enabled

World-renowned gas engine manufacturer MWM continues to innovate, ensuring the future of reciprocating gas engines and its critical role within the global transition towards net-zero and beyond.

As such, MWM gas engines are capable of 25% blended-hydrogen solutions. MWM have significant development experience in hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engines for more than 20 years.


This latest investment means the factory is now one of the five largest ice cream and lolly production facilities in the world. I am equally delighted that – despite achieving a significant increase in production – changes we have made to the energy supply and treatment of effluent mean the site’s carbon footprint has actually reduced slightly to 0.26 tCO2e/tonne compared to 0.27 tCO2e/tonne previously. We continue to focus on sustainability and are currently investigating installing photovoltaic cells on the factory roof.

Ryad Apasa, Head of UK Operations, R&R Ice Cream

Bausch + Lomb are extremely satisfied with the performance of the CHP unit to date and have exceeded the initial project payback and uptime periods. This has resulted in greater than expected financial and environmental savings for the site.

Derek O’Connor, Facilities Engineering and Structural Manager, Bausch + Lomb

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