Project Design, Engineering and Build

Project Design

Site inspections are carried out to assess the on-site infrastructure, such as space, building materials and how the supplied equipment could potentially be installed. Ahead of the design specification, the site inspection will identify any potential challenges and constraints associated with the project.

Our technically trained mechanical and electrical design engineers are highly experienced in providing engineering solutions for gas and diesel power generation projects within existing buildings and new energy centres.

We use state-of-the-art 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools, including Autodesk AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, Navisworks and Solidworks, which are used under the Building Information Modelling (BIM) initiative to improve collaboration of services, to improve efficiency of operation, reduce waste and associated costs. Our electrical design engineers are also capable of using the electrical design tool AMTECH to verify the electrical designs.

In using these CAD tools, our design engineers provide mechanical and electrical schematics, detailing the design layout of the plant. Furthermore, 3D CAD modelling assists and helps visualise the final product and evaluates the designs throughout the project phase, helping to meet the strategic objectives of the power generation project.

Gas Engine Project Engineering

Our engineered control panel systems and containerisation of plant is built at our in-house state-of-the-art manufacturing facility based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

The control panel system is designed and manufactured to communicate with the MWM TEM engine system and incorporates leading genset management application ComAP. This allows our engineers to communicate and control the entire on-site eco-system and grid synchronisation.

Our engineers design and build to the bespoke requirement of each installation and accommodate for ambient and heat temperatures, noise attenuation and adhere to site specific requirements.

All our designs comply with all UK electrical and gas installation regulations and are manufactured to meet all UK and European standards. The overall container is designed with construction and operational health and safety in mind as required by UK regulations.

The containerisation of plant offers a smart and efficient ‘plug and play’ approach to plant installation and commissioning. Due to its modular design, an Edina containerised solution can be rapidly disassembled and redeployed, offering a low risk and attractive proposition for asset funders.

Our containerised packages:

Enable expedited site installation

Provide low maintenance cost

Ensure maximum high availability

Manufactured in the UK

Benefits of an Edina Containerised Solution

Short Planning Period

Our modular systems enable quick availability and ensure low costs.

  • Plants can easily be adapted to various amounts of gas by adding or removing containers (e.g. for landfill or sewage gas)
  • Much shorter planning, building, and commissioning times
  • Lower investment costs, especially in the case of plant extensions
  • Risk mitigation, as our containers are easier to disassemble, transport and reuse

Comprehensive Plant Concept

Our containers offer more gain through optimum tuning of all components.

  • Designed from over 30 years’ experience of maintaining the equipment, thus ensuring the highest availability figures
  • Control of the entire system through our in-house designed and built control panels
  • Optimum service by Edina, the packager and official distributor of the generation set
  • High reliability through container quality ‘made by the same company that maintains and operates’

Optimum Flexible Design

Our flexible plant configuration to suit your power needs.

  • CHP or power containers
  • Gas compressor and gas refrigeration dryer (if necessary)
  • Gas mixers and gas trains tuned to the respective gas quality

Low Maintenance Costs, More Operating Time

Our smart container concept facilitates the daily operation.

  • Fully meets all UK Health and Safety requirements for both supply and maintenance
  • Welded steel construction and space-saving heat and noise insulation; separate control room
  • Lifting beams for fastening hoisting gear
  • Rails in the container floor and removable end panel allow for quick disassembly of the Genset
  • Container floor serves as oil sump, meets all bunding requirements

High Availability

Our containers provide high availability and low service costs.

  • Ventilation and circulation control ensure optimum air intake temperatures, even if the outside temperature is very high or low
  • High positive pressure in container reduces the amount of dust
  • All connection points on the container edge for simple and straightforward connections
  • Roof components can be pre-assembled or delivered in modules to minimise transport costs
  • Internal new and waste oil tank

Containerised Genset Specifications

(75dba @1m, 30C ambient)


TCG 3016

Engine Type V08 V12 V16
Length 13,800mm 14,700mm 14,700mm
Width 2,800mm 2,800mm 2,800mm
Height 3,000mm 3,000mm 3,000mm
Dry Weight 20,000kg 24,000kg 26,000kg
Wet Weight 24,000kg 28,000kg 30,000kg

TCG 3020 / 2020

Engine Type V12 V16 V20
Length 14,700mm 14,700mm 17,000mm
Width 3,400mm 3,400mm 3,400mm
Height 3,100mm 3,100mm 3,400mm
Dry Weight 35,000kg 40,000kg 50,000kg
Wet Weight 40,000kg 45,000kg 55,000kg

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