Power Island

A power island energy solution can include a multi-generator configuration to accompany Combined Heat and Power (CHP) application, standby diesel power generation and a rotary Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system.

CHP application offers the best solution to meet the growing heat and electrical demands of the facility. CHP also reduces a facilities carbon footprint and maintains a cost-effective management plan by reducing energy costs, providing a significant return on investment.

The CHP plant can operate in Island Mode, independent from the electricity grid. This, coupled with standby diesel power generation and rotary UPS system, provides a constant supply of power to the facility.


Why Power Island?

As the energy requirement of a facility grows, it faces challenges to meet its existing power infrastructure needs.

In some instances, it may not be feasible to demand additional electrical supply from the grid due to capacity issues. Although capacity issues are known and grid reinforcement are years away, it presents a major challenge for the industry to access additional electrical capacity from the grid.

If the wait for grid reinforcement is not an option, self-generation offer a practical and cost-effective solution to produce the power needed on-site.

Our Power Island Scope of Supply can include:

CHP System

  • Generating unit
  • Provision of generating unit ancillary equipment (Radiators, air start equipment, oil tank, control panels, generating unit pump skids)
  • Ventilation system, acoustic treatment of engine cells including engine maintenance access
  • Containerised CHP HV switchgear and LV Distribution
  • Packaged Absorption Chiller Plant Equipment
  • CHP load (i.e. F/R temperature 84o/70o) and SS316L tube sheet and headers on the absorption chiller generator
  • CHP Installation Prelims
  • Mechanical and Electrical Installation
  • Commissioning of CHP Plant

Boiler Plant, Stacks, Exhaust and Site Interconnecting Pipework

  • Additional Balance of Plant Prelims
  • Additional Price for the supply, installation of packaged LTHW distribution enclosure c/w LTHW pumps, heat meters and header
  • Additional Mechanical and Electrical installation works for connection to site services and between boiler rooms
  • Exhaust pipework system from engine and boiler outlets including two 30m exhaust stack for both boilers and CHP units and including lagging and cladding of the entire exhaust system
  • Extra for Emissions Monitoring Access Platforms on Both Stacks
  • Removal of Existing Boiler Stack
  • Supply, Installation and Commissioning of New Boiler Plant

Site Electrical System and Standby Diesel Generation

  • Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Package Standby Diesels
  • Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Rotary Uninterrupted Power Systems
  • Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Extended CHP HV Switchgear
  • Board and NER including additional protection, Controls, PMS and Associated Electrical Design
  • Additional Electrical Installation
  • Additional Commissioning Supervision


  • Provisional Sum for Civil works (subject to site and planning requirements)
  • Waste Heat Recovery Steam Boilers
  • Full CHP package with Steam / Hot Water and Absorption Chillers
  • Standby diesel power generation
  • Power Conditioning to reduce low fault levels
  • Island Mode facility
  • Element of redundancy
  • Site security of supply

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