MWM Gas Engine Maintenance and Asset-Care

MWM Gas Engine Maintenance is our Lifeblood

In 1985, we started as a service-only business and today, service and maintenance remain at the forefront of our core business philosophy. Service delivery with consistently high-performance achievements and our personable approach to engine maintenance are amongst the many reasons why so many of our customers are repeat business customers.

Edina is MWM’s largest independent gas engine distributor. We were awarded sole distributor in the UK and Ireland in 2006. Since this period, we have a growing install base of over 1GW electrical capacity within these territories and currently manage over 160 service and maintenance contracts and maintain a portfolio of over 350 MWM engines.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise ensure that cradle to grave support is provided. The gensets are containerised at the Edina manufacturing and engineering facility, thus, Edina have thorough knowledge of all aspects of the genset and are supported by original equipment manufacturers. Our after-service support teams produce the highest levels of plant availability year-on-year across the portfolio of gensets.

Power when it matters

Our goal is to achieve the highest possible availability of all equipment supported under the maintenance agreement. This is achieved by a combination of oil management, condition monitoring and predictive servicing in line with the manufacturer recommendations to provide reliable operation with a guarantee availability for the equipment.

MWM Gas Engine Maintenance Agreements

Our comprehensive operation and maintenance agreements are available for all MWM units. These provide a minimum operational guarantee of 91.3 percent or 8,000 hours availability per year.

The comprehensive maintenance agreement can be compared to a lifetime warranty as it includes all breakdowns and catastrophic failure cover across the scope of supply installed by Edina, including:

All consumable material (including oil), excluding fuel

All spare parts

Engine rebuilds

Catastrophic failure

Breakdown cover

24/7 dedicated monitoring

Monthly reporting

Supplied ancillary equipment

Supplied balance of plant equipment

Bespoke operation and maintenance agreement tailored to individual customer requirements are available, for two life cycles typically of 12, 15 or 16 years, dependant on the model type and gas application.

Edina Engineer performing Maintenance on a Gas Engine

MWM Gas Engine Parts Supply Agreements

Our Parts Supply Agreements are designed for clients who wish to conduct the maintenance of the MWM gas engine via their in-house engineering team.

The Parts Supply Agreement provide the delivery of MWM OEM gas engine parts for preventive maintenance based on your engine operating hours throughout the life of the contract.

Benefits of our Parts Supply Agreements, are:

  • Price security - Genuine MWM parts are favourably priced throughout the duration of the contract
  • Fast dispatch – Edina manages the planning and delivery of your parts to minimise downtime
  • Full OEM access – access to over 17,000 genuine parts, the latest OEM approved parts and other original equipment manufacturers including Marelli and ABB
  • Flexibility – Tailored contracts to suit your parts supply requirements

Full Coverage 24/7 Remote Monitoring

At Edina, we understand the importance of mission-critical power. That is why we introduced the remote monitoring call desk facility, which is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by a highly skilled team of experienced Edina field service engineers.

Operating under MWM licence all Edina engineers are trained to the highest levels. Edina has full dongle access to the engine management system (TEM) across the three levels (dongle 1, 2 and 3). Proactive trend monitoring enables many faults to be identified before they become problematic.

Having full TEM access permits remote diagnostics of any fault and the ability for remote start/stop functionality of the engine.

The unrivalled support function of the call desk being a fully staffed, experienced and knowledgeable team has achieved a remote first fix rate above 90 per cent annually.

Our call desk facility manages our installed portfolio across the UK, Ireland and our growing fleet in Australia and India.

Benefits include:

  • Equipment is maintained by Edina and we have a complete understanding of your power plant
  • Full access to the engine management system
  • Your plant is remotely monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a team of experienced Edina field service engineers to ensure power security
  • Faults are identified in situ and remotely diagnosed which reduces maintenance costs

Our call desk facility monitors the performance of your gas engine to include:

  • Whether the engine is running
  • Availability (hours ran)
  • Electrical output (kW, kWh)
  • Gas quality when linked to gas detectors (CH4, O2, H2S)

Should we be unable to restart the engine remotely, a designated Edina service engineer is available on a fast-response call-out basis and can carry out extensive maintenance work on all aspects of the electrical and mechanical gas generators.

Edina Operations System

The Edina Operations System (EOS) is a web-based system designed for the monitoring and reporting of both generators and auxiliary equipment in real-time. The system optimises revenue for installed fleet, as both plant and individual assets can be monitored for all critical operational values.

The system features a data acquisition unit located at each geographically separated plant and is used to poll critical instruments such as generator ECU’s, Gas Meters, Heat Meters and Electrical Meters at regular intervals. The data acquisition unit stores information locally (for redundancy) and sends the information securely to geo-redundant Microsoft Azure data centres using the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. The data can be easily accessed by registered users via an internet enabled device such as a PC, laptop or smartphone using our responsive interface.

The system provides a high level of administration and security, with the central administrator able to determine the users’ access rights for specific equipment within the fleet as well as appropriate information.

The Edina Operations System offers users several powerful reporting tools, including daily, weekly, and monthly summaries of the availability and production of the asset or fleet. The information generated from each asset can be archived for future analysis and the evaluation of trends.

Rebuild Team and Workshop Facilities

Edina have localised designated rebuild teams to ensure these works are completed in a professional and prompt time frame, returning the equipment to operational use with a minimum out of service time.

Our state-of-the-art packaging and workshop facilities are equipped with all the amenities to undertake the full overhaul of the MWM engine. The workshop is equipped with lifting facilities, tooling, parts washing equipment, machine tools and specialised apparatus to facilitate the full rebuild of the genset. The facilities are such that several rebuilds can be undertaken simultaneously.

Customer Communication

Throughout the whole life of the project, we openly encourage clear lines of communication through face-to-face meetings, email dialogue and/or video conferencing. We believe clear and transparent communication is integral to the success of the project and understand the importance in nurturing relationships.

Customer Training

Edina can provide familiarisation training of the equipment and TEM. Training for minor tasks e.g. spark plug changes, can be undertaken. On successful completion of this level training a certificate of competency would be issued for such tasks.

MWM tailored training courses can be arranged on-site at your premises, at Edina’s offices in Stockport, Lisburn or Dublin, or even at MWM’s sophisticated Training Centre based in Mannheim, Germany.

Genuine Parts

Edina has access to over 17,000 genuine MWM engine parts and of other original equipment manufacturers i.e. Marelli and ABB. Our knowledgeable parts team ensures the fastest response including next day delivery on most stock items. Edina holds +£1million of spare parts with the sole purpose of minimising downtimes and get your engine back up and running.

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Field Service Operations Engineers

We have one of the largest teams of field service operations engineers across the UK and Ireland.

Edina engineers are geographically located to support the portfolio of client sites. For this reason, engineers are fully accustomed to the on-site installed equipment. Each service engineer van carries high turnover, consumable parts, and equipment to maximise a first-time fix on unplanned callouts.

Edina service engineers are technically trained to the MWM high standard and carry out authorised maintenance work for the complete range of MWM gas engines, providing mechanical, electrical, gas and telecommunication service support.

Our close working relationship with MWM ensures we are always kept up to date with the latest technical information, developments, and enhancements to the MWM range of gas engines to guarantee maximum performance, efficiency, and availability.

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