MWM TCG 3020 Gas Engine

MWM TCG 3020 Gas Engine

The All-Round Talent

The MWM TCG 3020 gas engine range effectively balances efficiency and reliability. Achieving 45 percent electrical efficiency, the gensets delivers up to 18 percent more power output at the same size than its predecessor. Additionally, the new model features long service intervals with up to 80,000 operating hours until the next general overhaul (if the gas quality is high) and a total efficiency of more than 87 percent (for natural gas).

Owing to their high reliability and profitability, the new gas engines with an output from 1,380kWe - 2,300kWe are ready for the challenges of Industry 4.0. Thanks to the use of the digitised power plant control TPEM (Total Plant & Energy Management), the gas engines boast maximum plant performance, availability, capacity, and usability.

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TCG 3020 Gas Engine

Electrical Outputs: 1,380kWe - 2,300kWe
MWM TCG 3020 Gas Engine

MWM TCG 3020 Gas Engine Features

High Profitability

High efficiency values, low oil consumption – 0.15g/kWh and up to 80,000 operational hours until major overhaul resulting in high profitability for the customer.

High Reliability

Reliable and proven core engine upgraded with state-of-the-art technologies and extended maintenance intervals.

High Efficiency

Offering increased electrical efficiency of up to 45 percent (Natural Gas) and up to 43.6 percent (Biogas), the TCG 3020 gas engine range increases electrical outputs from 1,380kWe - 2,300kWe and provides an optimal balance between efficiency and reliability.

Varieties of Gases and Applications

Available for different applications such as natural gas, biogas, landfill and propane gas operation. The TCG 3020 genset is optimised for high efficiency, flexibility and biogas.

New Engine and Plant Control Systems TPEM

Hardware and Software for the gas engine generator and a holistic plant control. The TCG 3020 enables full power capability of the genset with maximum reliability, availability, performance and usability.

High Power Density

With its compact design, the TCG 3020 delivers up to 15 percent more power output at the same size as its predecessor.


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