MWM Gas Engines

MWM Gas Engines – A Tradition of Innovation

MWM gas engines are built on a tradition of innovation for 150 years. Founded in 1871, the visionary and automotive pioneer Carl Benz accelerated a new era of gaseous fuelled engines.

Through cutting-edge technology and innovation, MWM has become one of the leading and world renowned in the field of gas engine generator technology and is owned by Caterpillar Inc.

The MWM range of gas engines are manufactured in Mannheim, Germany, and are designed for maximum electrical and thermal efficiency, low operating and service costs, and high reliability and availability. Thus, they achieve efficiencies of over 90%.

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Innovation and Technology

Innovation is core to the MWM ethos. MWM’s ongoing development and extensive research ensures the TCG series of gas engine technology continues to maintain its world-leading status.

Research & Development

Higher efficiency through intensive research from calculation to inspection


High quality manufacturing to achieve optimum benefits


Exceptional premium quality in all areas of the value chain


Long-term efficiency whilst reducing the use of natural resources

Electrical output of the MWM TCG gas engine series

MWM gas engines are available from 400kW to 4,500kW electrical output and can operate on various gaseous fuel types including low carbon natural gas, renewable biogas, and are hydrogen ready.


MWM TCG 3016

Electrical Outputs:
400kWe - 800kWe

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MWM TCG 2020

Electrical Outputs:
1,200kWe – 2,000kWe

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MWM TCG 3020

Electrical Outputs:
1,380kWe - 2,300kWe

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MWM TCG 2032

Electrical Outputs:
3,333kWe - 4,500kWe

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Internal workings of the MWM gas engine

A reciprocating engine (also known as a piston engine) is a machine with reciprocating pistons. The gas engine converts thermal energy from the combustion of air and fuel into mechanical work, in this case a crankshaft.

Mechanics of the engine is to move a crankshaft connected to a piston cylinder mechanism by creating large pressure inside the engine’s cylinders.

MWM Engines are spark ignited and operated in a 4-Stroke process:

  • Intake Stroke
  • Compression Stroke
  • Power Stroke
  • Exhaust Stroke

The MWM engine is connected to an electrical generator (Alternator) by a drive coupling to produce electricity.

The engine generator is connected to an electrical circuit breaker so the engine can be connected to the site electrical circuit via an electrical cable. The circuit breaker will synchronise the gas engine to the mains so it can operate in parallel to the existing grid supply.

Heat emitted from the process can either be recovered within a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) configuration which will increase plant efficiency or dissipated to atmosphere via dump radiators.

Finally, the generator is controlled by a sophisticated control panel management system allowing engineers to communicate, analyse and control the plant to ensure optimal performance of the generator.

Power Production

MWM gas engines can be configured to produce a multitude of power scenarios as per the below:


generation only

Base-load generation and peaking plants

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Electricity and heat generation

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or Cogeneration

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Electricity, heat and cooling generation

Trigeneration or Combined Cooling Heat and Power (CCHP)

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A typical power plant is configured for continuous generation operating 8,000 per year, however, MWM gas engines can operate as flexible Peaking Plants to balance the fluctuating power demand within the local electricity network. MWM gas engines are also suited to produce electricity in parallel with the local electricity grid, operate in Island Mode configuration and Black Start operation.

MWM Gas Engines in the UK and Ireland

Edina is the official UK and Ireland distributor for market leading MWM gas engines rated from 400kWe to 4,500kWe. Edina has held the distributorship rights since 2006, and has become one of MWM’s largest customers with a growing install base of over 500 gas engines delivering almost 1GW electrical capacity across these territories.

We have installed gas engines across a multitude of industry sectors including Commercial, Industrial, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, Hospitals, Universities, Data Centres, Agricultural and Farming. In doing so, our clients have reported a reduction in operational costs, reduced carbon emissions, greater operational resilience and improved business competitiveness.

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