Gas Engine Installation Within Existing Buildings

Where there are limitations on-site, due to available space and/or restrictions in site access, a power generation solution installed within existing buildings can maximise the on-site space available and reduce potential costs in re-modelling existing services.

A gas engine installation within an existing building avoids the need for planning permission, maximises pre-existing land and reduces equipment security risks. If there is an existing concrete floor and access to the sites existing utilities, such as the gas and water supply, then this too reduces the installation time, disruption to day-to-day operations and further reduces costs.

Designed to meet your power requirements, Edina has extensive experience in installing power generation solutions within an existing building across several high-profile projects within the UK and Ireland.

Benefits of installing power generation within an existing building or boiler house:

Maximise space available on-site

No need for planning permission

Access to existing equipment

Minimise disruption to day-to-day operations

Reduce costs in re-modelling existing services

Our scope of supply considers:

  • Detailed design drawings maximising space available on-site
  • Detailed design drawings maximising the operational health of the project
  • Considerations to site access
  • Noise attenuation – maintaining acceptable noise levels
  • Site integration within existing utilities
  • Mechanical and electrical termination points
  • Manage engine air flow
  • Ease of access to generator maintenance

Case Studies

We have supported clients across a wide range of industry sectors to achieve energy efficiency, reduce emissions and operational costs, maintain power resilience, and improved business competitiveness.


Royal Liverpool University Hospital

Edina CHP saves over £1million in energy costs for Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

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Edina 8.6MW CHP powers London, Citigen, district heating scheme.

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Myatt’s Field

Landmark submarine houses community heating Edina CHP plant.

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