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Commercial Building CHP

With Combined Heat and Power (CHP), commercial building operators can reduce running costs and greenhouse gas emissions while keeping occupants comfortable and happy.

Most of the costs associated with running a commercial building are fixed. Energy is one of the few overhead’s operators can exercise a degree of control over in new and existing office buildings. Reducing energy consumption will not only help save money and improve energy sustainability, but it can also improve working conditions and, therefore, boost productivity.


Benefits of CHP in Commercial Buildings

Cost savings on power, heating and cooling

Reduced carbon emissions compared to conventional power production and onsite boilers

Payback within 2-5 years

Greater operational resilience and security of power supply

High electrical and thermal efficiency of up to 90%

Cost savings can be reinvested and deployed in renewable energy technologies

Fuel flexibility - renewable, low carbon, and hydrogen ready

Recognised technology within the net-zero pathway

High Efficiency CHP for Commercial Buildings

Edina’s MWM gas engines can achieve efficiencies of 90%, which is almost twice the efficiency of sourcing power from the grid and thermal energy from on-site boilers.

Combined Cooling Heat and Power (CCHP), which is also known as trigeneration, uses a similar process where some of the recovered heat is used to generate chilled water that can be used for air conditioning and refrigeration.


Commercial Power Generation

Gas engines configured for CHP power generation can be used in several commercial applications including:

Office buildings


Retail developments

Combined residential and commercial developments

District energy schemes

Energy Efficiency in Buildings

CHP and Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP) systems can be used anywhere that there is a demand for heat or cooling along with electricity. For businesses, effective heating and cooling is essential for creating happy and productive workplaces.

But optimising temperature control comes at a price. According to the Carbon Trust, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are the most energy intensive processes in an office environment. Heating alone accounts about one-third of a typical office’s energy consumption.

Cogeneration, or CHP can dramatically reduce energy consumption and provide 'free' heat. This high efficiency method of onsite energy production captures the heat produced as a by-product during power generation and recycles it to heat spaces and provide hot water.


Fuel your CHP with 25% Hydrogen

World-renowned gas engine manufacturer MWM continues to innovate, ensuring the future of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and its critical role within the global transition towards net-zero and beyond.

As such, MWM gas engines are capable of 25% blended-hydrogen CHP solutions. MWM have significant development experience in hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engines for more than 20 years.

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Reducing Costs in Commercial Buildings with CHP

For commercial building operators, the key advantage of an on-site CHP generator is that it will typically generate electricity at a cheaper rate than you can procure it from the grid.

The positive 'spark spread' of low carbon natural gas is increasing the financial benefits of CHP. 'Spark spread' is the differential between the price of energy and the cost of fuel used to generate that energy. Whilst wholesale gas prices have soared, so too have electricity prices because of their dependency on gas to produce power. As such, the spark spread favours a strong economic case for using on-site CHP.

The economic viability of CHP is demonstrated by the short payback time on installing a CHP engine. In some cases, it is as low as two or three years, providing a key opportunity for savings on systems with a typical lifespan of 15 years.

Due to its exceptional efficiency a low carbon natural gas CHP system can complement other low and zero carbon measures to help organisations work towards their net-zero ambitions.


The bespoke energy management programme has also passed £850,000 in annual energy savings from measures taken across the estate. Through this investment, MediaCityUK has avoided the production of 1,722 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent [CO2e] this year alone.

Derek Elliot, Head of Technical Services at MediaCityUK

The scale of the new £333million Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre and its energy centre further underlines Aberdeen’s position as global energy capital.

Jenny Laing, Aberdeen City Council Co-Leader Councillor

Our Commercial Buildings CHP Projects

As a market-leader in the supply, installation and maintenance of CHP and emergency back-up power systems, Edina has completed several energy saving projects within commercial buildings.



Edina CHP powers Europe’s first creative and media development hub.

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Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre

Edina CHP entertains visitors at new Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre development.

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Television Centre, White City

Edina CHP home to former BBC Television Centre dream factory.

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