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District Energy CHP

What is District Energy?

District energy or district heating schemes through Combined Heat and Power (CHP) utilisation can play an important role in facilitating improved energy efficiency and reduced carbon emission measures within residential, community, commercial and public premises, or mixed-use developments.


Benefits of District Energy networks

A gas engine CHP plant installation provides several substantial benefits, including:

Improved energy efficiency

Improved energy resilience and security of supply

Efficiently manage energy supply and demand

Reduced costs of energy generation

Increased fuel efficiency through CHP application

Reduced CO2 emissions through heat optimisation

How does District Energy work?

District energy schemes or heat networks is a distributed system of large-scale underground pipes that transport heat from a central energy centre direct to local domestic and non-domestic users. In most district energy projects; a gas engine CHP is at the heart of the energy centre due to its high fuel efficiency of over 90% and the cogeneration of electricity and heat from a single fuel source.

Should there be a requirement for refrigeration and/or air conditioning then the gas engine CHP can be configured for Trigeneration whereby cooling can be provided via absorption chillers.


Fuel your CHP with 25% Hydrogen

World-renowned gas engine manufacturer MWM continues to innovate, ensuring the future of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and its critical role within the global transition towards net-zero and beyond.

As such, MWM gas engines are capable of 25% blended-hydrogen CHP solutions. MWM have significant development experience in hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engines for more than 20 years.

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Distributed Energy

Distributed technologies such as CHP and trigeneration are highly efficient at converting gas to power and because of their locality, eliminate efficiency loses incurred through the transmission and distribution of electricity through the electricity grid and local distribution networks.

Our District Energy CHP Case Studies

The market leading performance from the MWM gas engine range is ideally suited for the application of CHP. This combined with our fully inclusive maintenance package and proven track record in delivering district energy CHP provides the maximum energy savings and long-term benefits to your community CHP project.


Gateshead Energy Company

Edina’s 4MWe CHP plant powers visionary Gateshead Energy Company

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Edina 8.6MW CHP powers London, Citigen, district heating scheme.

Read Citigen Case Study


Wynford District Heating

Edina CHP powers one of the largest district heating projects in the UK at Wyndford Estate.

Read Wynford District Heating Case Study

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