Containerised Power Plant

Our containerised power plant, which houses the MWM gas engine is manufactured in-house at our production facility in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. The containerised modular power plant is built to strict high-quality standards and accommodates ambient and heat temperatures, noise attenuation and adhere to site-specific requirements.

Due to its compact design and accessibility for service and maintenance, our containerised power plant offers a smart and efficient ‘plug and play’ approach, designed to expedite site installations and plant availability.

We can meet the needs of our customers and provide a containerised modular power plant solution that can accommodate both internal (within an existing building) and external installations.


Our installed containerised power plants include:

MWM gas engine and alternator

Acoustic / weatherproof treated enclosure

Ventilation system

Inlet / Outlet attenuation



Fire and gas detection

Electrical, Instrumentation and Control

Control room separate to engine room

Optional exhaust gas heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers to facilitate CHP application

Installation within internal infrastructures

Our flexible containerised gas engine is designed to accommodate restrictions in size and space for internal installation within an existing building. Furthermore, because our containerised CHP power plant is manufactured in-house, reduces installation time on-site and costs.

Once the containerised gas engine is delivered to site, the roof skid, which includes radiators, silencers, and the exhaust gas heat exchangers as well as the plate heat exchangers, are mounted and installed to the container. The containerised CHP power plant is then connected to the sites gas supply, electrical connections and the BMS control system, and is now capable of producing power.

Modular Power Plant Design

Due to its modular design and plug and play approach, our containerised solution can be rapidly disassembled and redeployed, offering low risk and is an attractive proposition for asset funders.

The MWM TCG 3016 (400kWe – 800kWe) and 3020 / 2020 (1.2MWe – 2.3MWe) engines are available for containerisation.

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