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Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

Intelligent Power and Energy

As a battery energy storage system (BESS) systems integrator and EPC solutions provider, we combine the latest global Tier 1 battery and inverter technology to engineer a comprehensive BESS solution that is scalable and delivers guaranteed performance.

We can project manage the full-turnkey EPC contract of a standalone on-site BESS solution or co-locate with MWM gas engines as part of a hybridised power solution.


Our Battery Energy Storage Capability

We provide a turnkey EPC solution to BESS project design, engineering, project delivery and installation, commissioning, and ongoing asset care from a single point of delivery.

Full Turnkey EPC Contractor

Diverse Scope of Works

UK & Ireland based Systems Integrator

Guaranteed Performance

Hybrid Power Solutions

24/7 365 Asset-care Support

In-market Support

Manufactured in-house

Access to leading and alternative Battery Chemistries

BESS Features

  • Lithium ion phosphate battery (LFP) chemistry
  • High power density
  • Lightweight and space saving
  • Long life span
  • Sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS) to ensure battery safety, operation, and performance
  • Liquid cooled battery system - 30% less energy consumption compared to air cooled container design
  • Greater energy density resulting in smaller battery cell footprint - up to 40% compared to container design
  • BESS module faster and cheaper to install - 40% reduction compared to container design

Your Safety is Our Priority

Our products are engineered and installed according to internationally recognised health and safety, environmental, and quality standards and undergo thorough performance testing before and during commissioning. Our integrated BESS solution typically includes the following:

UL certified protection systems

Emergency shutdown

Fire detection and suppression

Gas detection

Door sensors

Temperature sensors

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) and intruder alarm

Compliance with latest industry standards

24/7 365 remote monitoring

Doncaster BESS

System Integrated Battery Energy Storage EPC Solution

Watch our recent 10MWe / 10MWh integrated battery energy storage system (BESS) solution for infrastructure developer, ForePower.

Battery Energy Storage Applications

The growing share of renewables within our energy mix highlights the importance of energy storage. An Edina Battery Energy Storage System offers an efficient, reliable, and resilient power supply whilst unlocking new business opportunities and flexibility.

Renewable Generation Integration

Maximise renewable integration and utilisation of energy generated from solar PV, wind turbines and other forms of intermittent generation.



Hybrid Power Solution

Hybrid systems meet the growing demand for more flexible, sustainable, and cost-effective power. Pairing BESS with gas engines can enhance performance and provide cheaper, cleaner, and a more resilient power solution. In addition, the inclusion of a flywheel inertia solution can provide additional system stability, fast response, and optimisation of battery life.

Commercial and Industrial

Commercial buildings and industrial manufacturing plants can reduce their energy import costs by utilising battery stored electricity to power their facilities to avoid peak time charges, avoid electricity network charges, deliver value-added grid services or optimise on-site generation and consumption.


A microgrid is a small-scale electrical grid, incorporating one or more energy sources, including gas engines, wind, solar and more, that can operate connected or disconnected from the main electric grid. Incorporating Energy Storage enables microgrids to respond to variability or loss of generation sources to provide a resilient and flexible network.

Transmission & Distribution Optimisation

BESS can minimise transmission owner and distribution network operator reinforcement costs and reduce congestion management whilst also control voltage, provide reserves and ancillary services, and maintain resilience of network electricity supply.

Our Battery Energy Storage Case Studies

As a system integrator in the supply, installation and maintenance of battery energy storage systems, Edina has completed over 50 grid balancing projects.


R100 Energy

R100 Energy transitions to low carbon sustainable solution to tackle energy trilemma.

Read R100 Energy Case Study

Doncaster Power

Edina delivers 10MW battery energy storage project for infrastructure developer ForePower.

Read Doncaster Power Case Study

Holme Bioenergy

Microgrid / Hybrid co-location solution delivers energy security and sustainability for UK commercial food waste management company.

Read Holme Bioenergy Case Study


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