Edina Engineer performing maintenance on a diesel generator

Diesel Generator Maintenance

Our Dedicated Service Support to Maintain Your Generator Reliability

Regular diesel generator maintenance ensure the security of power. Whether your diesel generator is used for prime power generation or back-up emergency power generation, it’s critical your diesel generator is capable of performing at full load, especially when called upon to run from standby mode due to mains failure at a moment’s notice.

At Edina, we class your diesel generator as your primary asset and advise regular service and maintenance intervals to ensure that it is kept at an optimum state of serviceability throughout its life cycle.

The importance of performing routine diesel generator maintenance can mitigate unnecessary expense and save time and money on costly upgrades or on replacing the entire generator in the future.

Service and Maintenance Contracts

When carrying out diesel generator maintenance and/or 6 monthly inspections our service engineers note any faults, leaks, wear and tear and any other items that may need addressing on the service/inspection sheets, which will be sent to you with a quotation to rectify them.

Within the diesel generator maintenance contract we can include the following:

Battery inspection and the cleaning of connections

Replace fuel & oil filters, oil and coolant top up and or change

Change fan belts as and when required

Removal and replacement of worn parts

Fuel level monitoring

Fuel polishing and conditioning

Recommended once a year, but this depends on fuel stored

Load bank testing. Recommended once a year

Control panel reading and indicator verification

We can recommend a diesel generator maintenance package to suit your requirement and schedule the generator maintenance at your convenience and, where possible, in line with the engine manufacturers’ recommendations.

Edina Engineer performing maintenance on a diesel generator

Diesel Engine Manufacturers We Service

With over 30 years’ industry knowledge and expertise, Edina has one of the largest teams of generator service engineers across the UK and Ireland.

As part of our diesel generator maintenance support we can service and maintain a wide range of diesel engines from global manufacturers including the below and many more.

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Liebherr Logo DAF Logo Lister Petter Logo MAN Logo Mitsubishi Logo

Emissions Testing

To comply with new legislation, we can carry out diesel generator emissions testing using fully compliant testing equipment that records all data and results with precision.

If results are out of specifications, we can carry out work to rectify this.

Fuel Polishing and Conditioning

When modern diesel fuels are stored for more than a few months, there is a high risk of contamination. If left untreated, this could ultimately stop your generator from running in an emergency.

Our specialist fuel polishing service removes these contaminants and conditions the fuel to reduce future contamination.

We can carry out this service with our own portable equipment on all your fuel storage tanks on a schedule that suits your needs. We can also supply and install bespoke fuel polishing systems which would be fitted to work alongside your fuel delivery system. This system can be programmed to operate on a weekly/monthly basis so that your fuel is always clean as it is delivered to your generator.

Full Engine Rebuilds

Our full engine rebuild programme offers a range of tailored support solutions to suit your requirements, designed to improve your performance, durability, and the availability of your diesel generator.

Carried out on-site or at one of our workshops located across Ireland in Lisburn, Dublin and Cork, we can also perform engine overhauls, machining, pressure testing and all work associated with alternator rewind and testing, to improve your generator’s performance.

We can also perform shot blasting to prepare your engine, generator canopy and alternator before repainting to provide a new lease of life.

G99 and G10 Injection Testing

For the generator to run in parallel with, or synchronised to, the electricity grid, certain regulations must be adhered to.

Commonly known in the UK as G99, and as G10 injection testing in the Republic of Ireland, these regulations apply to power plants and generators used for standby and peak lopping application, or grid parallel use.

G99/G10 testing assesses the performance of the mains protection relay that sits between the generator and the electricity grid. It is not a test of the generator itself. The relay’s purpose is to disconnect or “decouple” the generator from the electricity grid if it detects instability on either side of the connection.

Edina has fully trained engineers capable of carrying out G99/G10 Injection testing to comply with the local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) requirements.

Load Bank Testing

Your generation set is designed as a reliable source of power to support your business infrastructure during an emergency when power from the electricity grid is lost.

In the event of a power failure, our load bank testing can provide peace of mind knowing that your generator has been tested on a 12-month basis with all results recorded to prove its capabilities. This will give you real peace on mind and you can rely on it performing and providing critical back-up power within a moment’s notice.

Panel Upgrades

Your control panel is a complex piece of electronics and communicates directly with your generator to provide meaningful performance information. It controls engine temperature, oil and water pressure, engine speed, fuel levels and safety alarms.

With advances in technology, control panel systems are now much more sophisticated and offer greater control and bespoke performance monitoring of the generator.

Upgrading to a synchronisation panel can bridge the gap between your generator and the electricity grid, providing seamless power in the event of a power failure. Generators that use a synchronisation control panel are capable of exporting power back to the electricity grid.

As part of our generator service, we offer new upgraded control panels that are smaller and capable of monitoring and controlling how the generator is used, and can upgrade your control panel to include Automatic Mains Failure (AMF), Demand Side Unit (DSU), and Peak Lopping.

Site Surveys

Edina has the specialist resources to undertake site surveys of your on-site power requirements for standby, emergency and UPS back-up. We can design, build, and install control panels for AMF, DSU and Peak Lopping.

The site survey can also include fuel supply systems and its associated equipment and generator exhausts installations as well as upgrades or rerouting if required.

Whether you are looking to expand your premises and energy infrastructure, we can help relocate and upgrade your existing generators with minimal site disruption.

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Let's Maintain Your Diesel Generator Reliability

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