What is Quadgeneration?

A Quadgeneration plant is an advanced gas engine power configuration by which, produces electricity, heat, and cooling, but also recovers carbon dioxide from engine exhaust gas. The carbon dioxide can be sequestered to reduce emissions, or it can be used in certain horticultural or manufacturing processes.

Under the right conditions, a Quadgeneration system can help an organisation reduce its carbon footprint, cut utility costs, and ensure onsite power resilience.

Quadgeneration Plant

Benefits of an Edina gas engine Quadgeneration plant

A gas engine Quadgeneration plant installation provides several substantial benefits, including:

Increased yields in horticultural businesses

Maximising engine and system overall efficiency

Displacement of expensive carbon dioxide

Reduced carbon emissions and the potential to achieve low or zero emissions

How does Quadgeneration work?

Quadgeneration adopts the same technology as Trigeneration (CCHP), however, has the additional recovery of carbon dioxide (CO2), a by-product of the combustion process to provide the highest levels of environmental performance and offering the potential for low or zero carbon emissions.

In this way the carbon dioxide is captured from the engine exhaust and is cleaned through a specialist scrubbing system which removes harmful contaminants.

Once the CO2 is scrubbed it can be used within greenhouses to aid photosynthesis to improve crop yield. Elsewhere, carbon dioxide can be scrubbed to assist the carbonation process within the food manufacture bottling industry, or other industry processes.

Quadgeneration schematicQuadgeneration Schematic 1333x750px

What sectors benefit from a Quadgeneration installation?

Quadgeneration is generally used in sectors where there is a demand for high grade carbon dioxide.

Many food and drink manufacturers, including those making carbonated drinks, beer and some bakery and processed food products, use significant amounts of CO2 in production.

Carbon dioxide can also be used to promote fruit and vegetable growth in horticultural greenhouses. As well as improving yields, pumping treated carbon dioxide into greenhouses can also help lock in carbon emissions, removing them from the atmosphere.

Quadgeneration engineering, installation and after-care

A market leader in the supply and installation of on-site power plants and efficiency solutions, Edina can manage Quadgeneration projects from feasibility to ongoing asset-care support.

Our team of experts can facilitate the planning and engineering of a suitable Quadgeneration unit in either an existing or new-built on-site energy facility, helping ensure that cost and efficiency advantages are maximised at every stage of the process.

Edina can also oversee the installation and servicing of Quadgeneration units. Ongoing maintenance of Quadgeneration systems is tailored to individual projects, ensuring cost and carbon benefits through the full-service life of a unit.


Why choose Edina as your Quadgeneration supplier?

Edina is a leading turnkey/EPC solutions provider for Combined Heat and Power provision with almost 1GWe of contracted capacity across industry. We are the official UK and Ireland distributor for innovative and high efficiency MWM gas engines and provide unrivalled product and customer support of the power solution from a single point of contact.


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