Hybrid Power Solutions

What is a Hybrid Power Solution?

Hybrid power solutions typically encompasses multiple forms of renewable, thermal power generation, standby generation, and energy storage technology to improve system efficiencies and resilience.

As an example, a hybrid power solution could include on-site gas reciprocating engine configured for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) application, a Battery Energy Storage System, and Solar Photovoltaic. 

Hybrid Power Solutions

A hybrid power solution is operated by a sophisticated Energy Management System (EMS) which control, monitor, and optimise the system components to deliver the real and reactive power requirement.  


Benefits of Hybrid Power Solutions

Hybrid Power Solutions using Battery Energy Storage and Thermal Generation provides several substantial benefits, including:

Greater operational resilience – maintains security of power supply

Store energy for when it is needed most

Increase renewable penetration

Reduce and avoid costly grid imported power

Lower primary fuel consumption

Reduced plant operating hours

Hybrid Power Solutions: Gas Engines, Battery Energy Storage, and Solar PV

Gas engines operating on low carbon, renewable fuel, or hydrogen blends, can provide commercial buildings and industrial manufacturing facilities with long term continuous power and heat/steam - if recovered by Combined Heat and Power (CHP). The benefits of gas engine CHP provision are abundant and offer protection against rising energy costs whilst reducing carbon emissions and offering businesses a rapid return on their investment.

The accompaniment of a battery energy storage system (BESS) can provide rapid dispatchable power in the event of a grid outage or engine trip adding additional resilience and reserve capacity at site. 

Solar panels installed on roof buildings, office car parks or within a dedicated space can be maximised within a battery energy storage system helping to offset grid imported power and avoid demand charges when time-of-day prices are at their highest.

Our Hybrid / Co-location projects

As a market-leader in the supply, installation and maintenance of CHP and BESS projects, Edina has completed several hybrid / co-location projects for commercial and industrial clients.


R100 Energy

R100 Energy transitions to low carbon sustainable solution to tackle energy trilemma

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Holme Bioenergy

Microgrid / Hybrid co-location solution delivers energy security and sustainability for UK commercial food waste management company BioteCH4

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