MWM TCG 2032 Gas Engine

MWM TCG 2032 Gas Engine

High Availability, Low Installation Costs

The MWM gas engines of the TCG 2032 series are perfectly geared to the challenges of a dynamic market environment. In the power range of 3,000kWe - 4,500kWe reliability, flexibility, efficiency and environmental compatibility are ensured along with low life-cycle costs. In this way, they meet the high requirements of a wide range of applications and are highly profitable.


TCG 2032 Gas Engine

Electrical Outputs: 3,333kWe - 4,500kWe
MWM TCG 2032 Gas Engine

Benefits of the MWM TCG 2032 Gas Engine

Output ranges from 3,333 to 4,500kWe

Operates on all gas types: natural gas, landfill gas, sewage gas, mine gas, coke oven gas, biogas

Mainly used in large IPP projects with up to 100,000kWe

The series features superb reliability and low operating and maintenance costs

High reliability

Low operating costs

Also available with fast ramp-up option for the gas engine TCG 2032B V16

MWM TCG 2032 Gas Engine

Fast ramp-up option

MWM Gensets with Fast Ramp-Up Option Data SheetTCG 2032B V16 gas engine with fast ramp-up option - 4.5MWe gas engine for a quick start:

  • The feature of a fast ramp-up start is becoming increasingly important due to growing intermittent renewable capacity such as wind and solar
  • The MWM TCG 2032B(2) gas engine has a software option for a fast ramp-up start. This option allows to switch between normal and fast start requirement for each start request
  • A fast start is a start in less than five minutes from start request to 100% load on the grid

MWM TCG 2032 Gas Engine Features

More Profit

The optimised maintenance concept with cylinder units simplifies accessibility and, along with the reduction of the number of different parts, minimises the time required for maintenance.

This can save you up to 20 percent in service costs. At the same time, you profit from up to 30 percent less lubricating oil consumption compared to other engines.

Longer Run Times

Thanks to the extended service intervals, the TCG 2032 gas engine runs up to 200 hours longer per annum than comparable products.

The major overhaul is scheduled after 80,000 operating hours.

Generator Reliability

The particle-free combustion, with pre-chamber spark plugs, extends the service intervals for the exhaust gas heat exchanger and reduces service costs compared to other combustion methods.

Major components such as pistons, conrods, spark plugs and cylinder heads have been improved to withstand the greater power output and to deliver increased electrical efficiency.

Optimum Efficiency

The interaction of all components has been improved even further. All components relevant for efficiency and power output are monitored by the TEM (Total Electronic Management). The new, upgraded wastegate in particular ensures a more efficient operation with changing conditions.

This is also the case when the gas composition is fluctuating – thanks to fast response times due to the temperature monitoring for each cylinder. TEM not only controls the engine… but the entire system… including heat extraction.

Full Turbo Power

The high-pressure turbocharger A140, with an improved wastegate, allows operation with a broader air intake temperature range and up to higher altitudes.

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