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The MWM range of gas engines are perfectly geared to meet the challenges of the dynamic market conditions, providing guaranteed efficiency, reliability, flexibility and environmental sustainability, together with low lifecycle costs and high profitability across a broad range of applications.

These applications include:

  • Natural gas – used for Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Trigeneration, Gas Powered Generation and District Heating application
  • Biogas – used for Anaerobic and Waste Digestion, Agriculture, Landfill Gas, Sewage Gas – Waste Water and Waste to Energy application
  • Standby Generation – used for Standby Power, Island Mode and Black Start Operation
  • Non-conventional gas – such as Associated Petroleum Gas, Coal Mine and Methane Utilisation, Furnace Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas, Propane Gas and Syngas

Furthermore, our diesel generator packages can accompany any CHP installation to provide standby power for mission critical infrastructures.