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Landfill Gas


Landfill gas is produced by the uncontrolled anaerobic decomposition of organic waste in the landfill.

The methane emitted from landfills has an up to 25 times higher global warming potential than carbon dioxide. By collecting and using this gas within a gas engine, the environment is protected on a high level.

All current and recently closed UK landfill sites have gas collection systems to flare the gas or have adopted Combined Heat and Power (CHP) application to collect, process and treat the available landfill gas to generate electricity.

Although the UK Renewable Obligation support for new and additional landfill gas schemes has been reduced, the rising energy costs and power prices make CHP application attractive for landfill sites.

Landfill Gas CHP schematic

Benefits of landfill gas CHP

  • Reduce the environmental impact
  • Produce electricity, reducing energy costs
  • Provide site security of power
  • Exported energy used as income generation

To maximise the site potential return on investment, MWM reciprocating gas engines deliver market-leading electrical and thermal efficiency, low operating and servicing costs and high reliability and availability.