Ballina Beverages CHP plant

In early 2010 after a competitive tender and clarification process, Edina was chosen to supply and install a turnkey 2MWe combined heat and power (CHP) plant for a large soft drinks company located in the west of Ireland.

Key benefits

  • Improve security of power
Ballina Beverages

Edina delivers CHP at state-of-the-art concentrate production facility

In early 2010 after a competitive tender and clarification process, Edina was chosen to supply and install a turnkey 2MWe combined heat and power (CHP) plant for a large soft drinks company located in the west of Ireland.

Following a feasibility study by the client, a 2MWe plant was considered the best option to provide the base loads for both electrical and thermal loads. The thermal energy would be provided as steam and LPHW (Low Pressure Hot Water).

Project requirements

The design of the installation and interfacing the CHP into the existing site services was carried out in conjunction with the client and their engineering consultants. It was decided that the packaged CHP, steam boiler, inter-connecting pipework and control system would be manufactured off site. Edina carried out this work in their manufacturing facility in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. During the build process the customer visited the facility and monitored progress. Most of the work being carried out off site made for a speedy installation and interfacing once the plant was delivered to site with minimal disruption to operations.

This CHP project consists of a 2MWe natural gas fired MWM manufactured TCG 2020 V20 engine which supplies the site base electrical load by operating in parallel with ESB’s Medium Voltage network. Electricity from the CHP is generated at 400 volts, which is then stepped-up by a transformer to 10,000 volts, and fed around the MV ring to the site loads. The thermal energy is fed into the steam header at 9bar and the LPHW is provided into the system at 95.65 degrees Celsius.

Decentralised energy

It is envisaged that the unit will run 24hrs 7 days a week. At times of low load the CHP modulates to track the building load, by this it ensures that all the energy is being used by the plant. The system is equipped with emergency cooling should the engine ever need to expel excess heat during changes in load. The unit itself was packaged in the Edina Manufacturing factory, and then delivered directly to the site as a plug and play unit. That is, all of the required installation works including wiring and pipe fitting were commissioned on-site. The scheme includes heat recovery from the first stage intercooler, lube oil, jacket water, and exhaust gases. An exhaust gas steam boiler is installed to provide steam of pressure 9 bar into the existing boiler system.

Total Energy Management

The CHP unit is equipped with a Total Energy Management (TEM Evo) system which is a sophisticated controller for the unit. In this, all measuring variables from the genset and all related site elements are collected and are processed centrally, which then give the output to various CHP controls for smooth operation and optimised efficiency of the power plant. The entire plant synchronisation and control system was provided by Edina. In addition, this panel also controls and powers the auxiliaries and communicates with the BMS (Building Management System).

Islandable operation

This unit also has the capability to “black start” and then operate in “Island Mode”, as well as operate in parallel with the grid. This provides the customer with the particularly useful capability of restarting the CHP in a mains failure situation and providing power to the site. This feature is activated by the control system within the CHP module and key switches on the control panel. Site personnel also must follow a strict protocol when operating the CHP in island mode.

Ballina Beverages

Supporting and technical data

Ballina Beverages

Ballina, Co Mayo, Ireland





Engine Type:
1 x 2MWe TCG 2020 V20

Primary Fuel:
Natural Gas

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