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Energy consumption remains one of the largest overheads for many commercial businesses and industrial manufacturers. With the price of power increasing year-on-year, businesses and large energy user can mitigate these cost rises by producing power on-site, close to the point of use by utilising a gas-fuelled and hydrogen-ready Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solution.


Why produce power onsite?

CHP can reduce operational costs by 30%

CHP can provide financial resilience against rising power costs

Gas engines can form part of a wider energy resilience strategy

Typical CHP payback period is between 2-5 years

Reduce transmission and distribution losses by producing power close to the point of use

Monetise the energy asset which can lead to new revenue streams

CHP can improve business competitiveness and lead to R&D

Reinvest cost savings to grow your green credentials

At Edina, we offer a free, no obligation feasibility study and energy review to assess the viability of a gas-fuelled cogeneration solution within your business. The study performs a high-level analysis of your annual half hourly electrical data and gas consumption and models your site usage to determine your suitability for a CHP engine.

Our study allows us to specify the appropriate gas engine based on your electrical and thermal requirement, whilst demonstrating the potential energy savings and calculating the typical investment payback period.

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