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Case Studies

Case Studies


How we deliver ongoing support

Throughout our 30-year history, we’ve supported our clients across a wide range of industry sectors and helped them to achieve energy efficiency, whilst reducing their costs and improving their competitiveness.

  • Arla Foods

    UK largest dairy uses CHP to achieve zero carbon strategy.

  • R&R Ice Cream

    Edina saves Ice Cream Manufacturer a mouth-watering £440,000 a year while ensuring security of power.

  • Ballina Beverages

    Edina delivers CHP at state-of-the-art concentrate production facility.

  • World’s largest confectionary producer

    World’s largest confectionary producer improves business competitiveness with Edina CHP.

  • Green Isle Foods

    Edina CHP reduces energy cost by 30 per cent at Ireland’s largest frozen foods manufacturer.