Edina recognised at the ADE Awards 2017

Oct 20, 2017
Drinks reception at London Science Museum's Energy Hall
Edina staff at the ADe Awards 2017

The annual Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) awards took place yesterday evening (19th October) in celebration of fifty years of innovation, best practice and inspiring engineering at its 50th Anniversary Awards and Dinner at the Science Museum in the company of 400 special guests.

The Awards celebrated outstanding schemes that have made a dramatic impact across district heating, combined heat and power and demand side energy services.

Edina accepting the Industrial Project of the Decade category award

Edina were shortlisted across 5 category awards spanning 10 projects and was awarded ‘Industrial Project of the Decade’ for our work with R&R Ice Cream.

The Edina supplied, installed and maintained combined heat and power (CHP) plant was installed at the site to improve energy security but also increased the site’s production by 20% as well as reducing its energy bill by £400k and saving 4800 tonnes of carbon a year. More information on the project can be read from our R&R Ice Cream Case Study.

Gateshead Council and contractors acceoting the Visionary Project of the Year award

Gateshead Council District Heating Scheme also won the final award of the evening, the ‘Visionary Project Award’. This category award received the most entries out of every category, and highlighted projects that look forward and dramatically change the vision of our energy industry for tomorrow.

The ADE commented; Gateshead’s District Heating Scheme is a truly visionary project that provides heat through 3km of pipe and electricity through a private wire network to domestic, commercial and public sector customers.

The Scheme is one of the most unique projects in the country as it also offers peak power generation to help balance the grid through a mixture of battery storage and combined heat and power with heat storage.

Edina supplied, installed and currently maintains Gateshead’s 4MWe power plant which became operation in March 2017.  For more details on Gateshead’s CHP and district heating scheme, read our press release.

The council recently won £5.4m in EU funding to construct two more energy schemes and is expected a further 600 homes, and several public buildings will be connected to its district energy networks, to provide low-cost, low-carbon heat and power for residents and buildings alike.

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