Edina CHP provides the vital ingredient for global manufacturer of food and beverages

Jan 3, 2017

Leading supplier, installer and maintenance provider for combined heat and power (CHP) solutions, Edina Group, have recently won a contract to supply and install a 1200kWe CHP plant at one of Ireland’s largest and world-leading suppliers of ingredients for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Following a competitive tender process, the client awarded Edina Group the contract to supply and install the MWM manufactured TCG 2020 V12 reciprocating gas engine as part of the client’s energy and sustainability strategy.

Edina is the sole distributor in the UK and Ireland for MWM gas engines. MWM are world renowned for achieving market leading electrical and thermal efficiencies, low operating and servicing costs and high reliability and availability, which is usually well in excess of 95%.

The 1200kWe gas engine will be containerised at Edina’s manufacturing facility based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, and will be delivered to site as a ‘plug & play’ unit, thus further reducing the installation time on-site and associated project costs.

The containerised CHP plant will be installed at the clients global production centre for the manufacturing of yeast based flavour ingredients, located in Menstrie, Scotland, and will be housed within an existing energy centre.

The exhaust waste heat and hot water from the engine jacket cooling circuit will be recovered from the CHP process and fed into the sites manufacturing facility and infrastructure. Electricity is generated at 400V and stepped up to 11000V and interfaced into the MV ring. The high efficient use of primary energy in the CHP of 86.9% ensures energy costs and greenhouse emissions are reduced.

Colin McKibbin, Sales Manager, Edina Group, comments; “As an existing customer and with Edina having a complete understanding of the client’s energy and sustainability requirements, we were able to offer a bespoke solution which exceeded their specification, thus maximising the sites return on their investment.”

Edina have successfully installed CHP across the food and drink industry with projects at Arla Foods, Gilfresh Produce, Keelings, Ferrero and R&R Ice Cream, to name but a few. Through the application of CHP, these projects have not only reduced energy costs and supported sustainability initiatives, but also allowed for energy cost savings to be reinvested back into their business, supporting long term growth and business competitiveness.

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