Edina recognised at AD industry awards 2016

Jul 12, 2016
Edina wins UK AD Biogas Awards 2016
Edina and Springvale Farm wins award at UK AD Biogas Awards 2016
Edina wins AD Team of the Year award at the UK AD Biogas Awards 2016
Edina and Richgro win UK AD Biogas Awards 2016

Edina have been recognised at this years’ UK AD & Biogas 2016 awards winning category awards ‘Making the most of biogas’ and ‘Best on-farm AD plant’.

The awards, hosted by ADBA, took place on the evening of Wednesday 6th July at the VOX Conference centre and showcased the very best successes across the AD industry, both here in the UK, and oversees.

Edina’s project with Guy and Wright Farm won the ‘Making the most of biogas’ category award. The AD scheme at Guy and Wright Farm is unique and is the only commercial unit in the world where the biogas CHP exhaust is cleaned to provide CO2 for tomato growing in Greenhouse.

The judging panel commented “[Guy and Wright Farm’s] excellent use of carbon dioxide and CHP heat for greenhouse horticulture. Displacement of fossil fuels. Indicates a breakthrough in use of carbon dioxide at this scale.”

The biogas CHP project with Springvale Farm won Edina the ‘Best on-farm AD plant’ category award.

From its initial proposal, Springvale Farm is a unique project, not only in its approach to securing financial backing through crowd funding, but also the ambitions implemented on-site through the use of its fish farm to grow freshwater fish for the table, and also to expand the leisure facilities – all catered for by the energy generated on-site, whilst adhering to, and respectful of, the neighbouring properties and surrounding area.

“[Springvale Farm’s] contribution to farm diversification solved a major problem in on-field storage using ag-bags. Heat has a use in heating their rental cottages which are related to fishing diversification and residual warm water can be used for fish breeding”, commented the judging panel.

Edina was also highly commended for category awards ‘AD team of the year’ and ‘Best International Commercial Plant’ with organics processing company Richgro. The AD plant at Richgro’s composting and manufacturing premises based in Jandakot, Western Australia, is marked as the first of its kind in Australia, and sees a joint collaboration between AD industry advocates Edina Group, Landia, Biodome Asia (Kirk Group) and Uniflare.

Tony Fenton, Joint Managing Director, Edina Group, concludes, “We are extremely proud that our hard work and commitment has been recognised across the AD and biogas industry. These awards showcase, not only our expertise as a biogas CHP supplier, installer and maintenance provider, but also their innovative and unique application across industry and on a global scale.”

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