MWM TCG 3020 gas engine series produce up to 18% more power

Jul 28, 2021

MWM, part of Caterpillar Energy Solutions has launched the V12 and V16 cylinder iterations to its successful MWM TCG 3020 gas engine series.

The MWM TCG 3020 V12 and V16 gensets achieve electrical outputs of 1,380kWe and 1,840kWe respectively and benefit from a performance increase of up to 18 percent compared to their TCG 2020 predecessors.

The new V12 and V16 gas generator sets offer the same durability and reliability as the 2.3MWe V20 cylinder counterpart, however, the V12 boasts an electrical efficiency of up to 45% which is considered market leading within the 1MWe - 1.6MWe power bands.

In 2019, we introduced the 20-cylinder variant of the TCG 3020, which has successfully established itself in the market in a short time. With the two new variants, we offer our customers further powerful alternatives in the sought-after performance range."

Tim Scott, MWM Director

The new TCG 3020 gensets benefit from low oil consumption of 0.15g/kWe and with these high efficiency values, reduces the total cost of ownership. Elsewhere, maintenance intervals of up to 80,000 operational hours until a major overhaul provides low operating costs.

MWM TCG 3020 V16 engine

The MWM TCG 3020 gas engines are suitable for low carbon natural gas, renewable fuels such as biogas, biomethane, landfill gas, and sewage gas, as well as future fuels such as hydrogen. The TCG 3020 range achieves outstanding electrical efficiencies of up to 45% for natural gas and up to 43.6% for biogas.

The combination of very high efficiency, reliability, and performance in addition to low oil consumption makes the TCG 3020 gas engine series a great all-round choice for industry and commercial sector applications.

Edina is the official UK and Ireland distributor for MWM gas engines rated within the 400kW to 10,300kW electrical output range. Both the TCG 3020 V12 (1,380kWe) and V16 (1,840kWe) gensets are available to order via the contact us page.

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