MWM TCG 3020 new gas engine launched

Feb 26, 2019

World leading gas engine technology manufacturer MWM has officially launched its new TCG 3020 V20 gas generator set.  The new TCG 3020 offers more power and reduced oil consumption and can achieve an electrical efficiency of up to 45 percent.

MWM TCG 3020 – The all-round talent

The MWM TCG 3020 V20 gas engine achieves an output of 2.3MWe and offers a 15 percent performance increase from its predecessor model, the TCG 2020 V20.  The new 3020 iteration benefits from reduced oil consumption of 0.15g per kWe and high efficiency values, whilst also offering lower maintenance and installation costs.

The flexible MWM TCG 3020 V20 gas engine is suitable for natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, and propane gas applications.  The new MWM power genset enables an outstanding electrical efficiency of 45 percent for natural gas and 43.6 percent for biogas.  The overall efficiency in natural gas operation is more than 87 percent.  Owing to its high profitability and reliability, the MWM gas engine is ready for the challenges of Industry 4.0.

Maximum Availability and Usability

The digital control system TPEM (Total Plant & Energy Management) consolidates all genset and plant control data in a single system. TPEM facilitates the control and monitoring, not only of the genset, but also of the entire distributed energy generation plant.  In most application scenarios, this eliminates the need for additional control systems.  Thanks to the digitised power plant control, the MWM TCG 3020 V20 yields high performance, maximum capacity, and optimum plant availability.

Improved Economic Efficiency, Higher Output, Secure Control

Besides the reduced installation and operating costs as well as the secure, smart plant control, the MWM TCG 3020 V20 features improved cost-efficiency.  Provided the use of high-quality gas, maintenance intervals of up to 80,000 operating hours are achievable until the next general overhaul.

Market leading technology

In conclusion, the new MWM TCG 3020 V20 gas engine effectively balances efficiency and reliability and is tailor made to suit your combined heat and power (CHP), electrical power or biogas application.

The TCG 3020 V20 joins the MWM portfolio of innovative gas-fired gensets ranging from 400kWe to 4.5MWe.  With a history spanning almost 150 years, MWM have a worldwide install base of over 5,637MWe with over 4,900 gensets sold.

Edina is the official UK and Ireland distributor for MWM gas engines and has successfully installed over 500MWe capacity within these territories.

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