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Load Bank Testing


Your generation set is designed as a reliable source of power to support your business infrastructure during an emergency situation when power from the electricity grid is lost. In the event of a power failure, our load bank testing can provide peace of mind knowing that your generator has been tested on a 12 month basis with all results recorded to prove its capabilities. This will give you real peace on mind and you can rely on it performing and providing critical back-up power within a moment’s notice.

What is Load bank testing?

Load bank testing is considered to be an essential part of your generator maintenance, just like changing the oil and filters. We connect a Load Bank via rated cables to your generator which is total independent of your site load. We induce an electrical load on your generator in a controlled manner, data is recorded during the process and then analysed for any faults. Once complete, your generator is returned to standby mode and you have the assurance that, when required, your asset will perform and achieve its rated load at any critical point in time.

What’s included in a load bank test?

Our Load bank testing facilities examine the generation set and verifies that all of its primary components are fully functional. In order to test the generator, the load bank produces artificial loads and simulates the generator to an appropriate temperature and pressure level.

Why should I test my generator?

A load bank test should be considered for idle generation sets used for stand-by or emergency purposes that are not normally exposed to carry loads on a frequent basis. By carrying out a load bank test, you can verify that your generator set can achieve the highest possible electrical output required, whilst also maintaining the optimum temperature and pressure levels for prolonged usage during a mains failure.

We recommend that if your generation set is not exposed to higher than 30% of its rated kW load you should consider a load test.


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