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Diesel Generator Technology

Maintain security of power

Installing a diesel generator onsite provides a secure and reliable standby power source.  Our range of diesel generators provide genuine peace of mind in the event of a loss to mains power to mission critical infrastructures such as Hospitals, Banks, Utility Companies, and Commercial buildings.

Tailored to your needs

We have access to a wide range of diesel engines and alternators from global manufacturers including;

  • Doosan
  • Iveco
  • John Deere
  • Mitsubishi
  • MTU
  • Perkins
  • Volvo Penta

With low, medium and high voltage alternators sourced from; Stamford, AVK, Marelli and Mecc Alte, we can select the most suitable engine and alternator combination to provide continuous, prime and standby power applications for your specific needs.

Some applications require the diesel generator to accept a high impact load, with minimal voltage and frequency deviations in the event of a power loss, for example, compliance with Health Service Technical Memorandum (HTM).  The correct engine selection is critical in meeting these requirements.

As part of our diesel generator range, we can deliver fuel-efficient engines and emission-optimised versions to meet the most stringent environmental regulations.  Our low noise container options (down to 65dBA at 1m) supplements our packaged range of sets for those particular noise sensitive areas.

A number of models can run on the latest Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) fuel.  GTL burns cleaner than conventional diesel and so produces lower local emissions.

Full turnkey provider

Edina’s ability to provide turnkey energy solutions with our combination of gas fuelled units and standby diesel generators has positioned us as a major supplier to various Health Trusts and Utility Companies in the UK & Ireland requiring centralised energy centres.

Diesel Generator Service

We are a leading diesel generator service provider for world-renowned diesel manufacturers, delivering reliable and cost effective service solutions, tailored to suit your requirements.

From load bank and emissions testing to G59/G10 injection testing and full engine rebuilds, we provide the complete package of generator service and maintenance to ensure your on-site security of power supply.

Emergency Standby Power

Whether your project is designed for Emergency Standby Power or Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) application, or both, we can provide single or multi-units, operating in parallel with each other and the Distribution Network Operator supply, or simply running in Island Mode.

Why use a diesel generator for your Emergency Power or (STOR) application?

  • Fuel efficiency – selection of the most appropriate engine will ensure low running costs
  • Reliability – providing mission critical power during a mains failure
  • Responsive – high load step capabilities
  • Low cost – maintenance

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