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Standby Power


Standby diesel power generation is used to provide mission critical power supply in the event of a temporary disruption to the electricity grid.

Typically installed within hospitals, data centres, airports, industrial and commercial facilities, and power plants, standby generators are used as a preventative measure whereby the loss of power directly puts lives at risk, influences financial loss or where emergency power is required on a continuous basis.

In the event of a mains failures, the standby generator will run independently from the electricity grid and provide mission critical emergency power direct to the sites infrastructure.

Standby generators provide peace of mind and offer maximum reliability, respond to outages quickly and can accept high electrical loads.

Standby Power and CHP

During periods of prolonged power outage, a standby diesel generator can be used to power the gas CHP generator back online. Once the CHP generator has accepted the electrical load of the site, the standby diesel generator can then reduce its load and eventually return offline. This method enables the CHP to run in Island Mode, independent from the electricity grid, to provide power to the site infrastructure.

By integrating CHP generators alongside standby diesel generators, can help to minimise operational costs and to reduce emissions.

As part of your energy requirement, Edina can provide the full EPC contract to include standby diesel power generation with any new or existing CHP installation. Our one point of contact approach means exactly that: Just one supplier, reducing risk, interfacing and ambiguity.