Bispham Flexible Generation

Edina delivers 20MWe balancing power station for Conrad Energy

Flexible power plant developer and operator Conrad Energy is helping balance the UK electricity network with the energisation of its latest flexible power plant supplied by Edina, a leading solutions provider for distributed power generation.

Following a highly competitive tendering process, Edina was awarded the contract to design, supply, install, test, and commission the 20MWe flexible generation plant as part of Conrad Energy’s growing portfolio of energy balancing and renewable power projects.

Bispham Flexible Generation(Conrad Energy)

Located in Blackpool, UK and built on redundant industrial land, Bispham Flexible Generation comprises 10 x MWM TCG 2020 V20 reciprocating gas-fired engines rated at 2MWe each.

Edina containerised all 10 MWM engines at its in-house engineering facility for ease of installation and ongoing maintenance access. The containerised enclosures are acoustically attenuated and ground-level radiators were installed to meet the noise specification requirement. The project was delivered on time and within budget.

With Edina, we have an experienced partner by our side who are willing to go the extra mile. The team has efficiently responded to all our requirements and provided sound engineering advice which was instrumental in helping us identify and create an optimal solution for the Bispham project we developed.”

Steve Conry, Construction and Operations Director at Conrad Energy

Edina’s MWM engines will provide fast-responding dispatchable power to support grid stability by balancing supply and demand variations within the electricity network.

Unlike base-load power plants which run continuously, Bispham Flexible Generation will operate approx. 2,000 hours annually as part of its UK Capacity Market obligation to supply back-up power to the network during periods of system stress when weather conditions prevent renewable power generation.

When the climate prevents the sun from shining or wind blowing, Bispham Flexible Generation will help keep the lights on by producing enough electricity to power almost 11,000 local homes as calculated by the latest OFGEM publication.

With the closure of large, centralised coal-fired power plants and a surge in renewable energy generation from intermittent and unpredictable sources, Bispham Flexible Generation and power plants of this type are vital in meeting our growing energy demand.

Bispham Flexible Generation will relieve increasing stress in the system and is considered a viable and sustainable solution to support the growth in clean energy technologies onto the grid.

Key benefits

  • Maintains UK security of electricity supply
  • Supports the growth of renewable technologies onto the grid

Supporting data

Conrad Energy

Blackpool, UK





Engine Type:
10 x TCG 2020 V20

Primary Fuel:
Natural Gas

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