Grand Central Hotel Standby Generation

Grand Central Hotel is Ireland’s largest hotel following a £53million pound investment from Hastings Hotel, Northern Ireland’s premier hotel group.

Key benefits

  • Maintains security of power
  • Maximum reliability
  • High electrical load acceptance
Grand Central Hotel

Edina maintains security of power supply at Northern Ireland’s most prestigious Grand Central Hotel

Grand Central Hotel is Ireland’s largest hotel following a £53million pound investment from Hastings Hotel, Northern Ireland’s premier hotel group.

Located within the heart of Belfast, the 304 luxury bedroom hotel is part of a new redevelopment attracting business and the growing tourist industry. Billed as Northern Ireland’s tallest building, the redevelopment stretches over 22 storey and includes 104 additional guest rooms.

Scope of Supply

Mechanical and electrical services provider Michael Nugent Ltd awarded the contract to Edina to deliver Grand Central Hotel’s power requirement.

As a result, Edina supplied and installed the containerised 400kVA diesel genset on the roof of the 22 story Grand Central Hotel. Therefore, the installation proved challenging and the diesel genset had to be disassembled, lifted and craned into position and reassembled.

Working with Michael Nugent Ltd, the Edina commissioned diesel genset will maintain electricity supply in the event of a power failure.

Maintaining Power Security

Onsite backup power is part of a wider energy resilience strategy, in which Grand Central Hotel will benefit in a number of ways. Firstly, standby power reduces energy related failures that negatively impact operational, financial and the reputation of a business. Secondly, in the event of a power failure, standby diesel genset operates independently from the electricity grid and therefore provide emergency power direct to the sites infrastructure. In conclusion, Grand Central Hotel’s standby power offers maximum reliability and will respond to power outages quickly.

One point of contact

Whatever the energy requirement, Edina can provide the full EPC contract to include standby diesel power generation with any new or existing combined heat and power (CHP) installation.

Our one point of contact approach means exactly that: Just one supplier, reducing risk, interfacing and ambiguity. For more information, visit our diesel sales and service pages.

Grand Central Hotel

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Michael Nugent Ltd

Belfast, Northern Ireland




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