Indaver Waste-to-Energy Plant

An innovative method of waste disposal, which in turn creates its own energy, is being supported by Edina standby diesel power generation

Indaver’s construction of a Waste-to-Energy facility in Duleek, Co. Meath (in line with the North East Regional Waste Management Plan) is a development valued at €140 million and represents the largest ever single investment in solid waste management infrastructure in Ireland.


Indaver’s Meath facility, an incinerator with energy recovery, will use the most advanced technology to process 200,000 tonnes of waste annually. This will generate enough energy to meet the needs of 20,000 homes. Residual waste from local council authorities will also be accepted into the facility in 2011.

Although the plant is self-sufficient, there is a need to insure against potential failure in order to minimise any disruption to the process.

During the planning stages of the project, Edina was brought on board to provide an emergency energy solution which could guarantee against any disruption caused by unplanned failures.

Edina specified that the generator set be built with a Perkins engine in keeping with their commitment to sourcing components from industry leading manufacturers.

Edina opted to use a Perkins 4012-46TAG2 engine coupled with a Newage Stamford alternator providing 1,500kVA Prime power and 1,650kVA Standby power, with a ComAp based control system.

The standby diesel generator is used to support the plant critical loads and safe shutdown of process equipment in the event of loss of both national grid and plant turbine electrical supplies.

The generator has full synchronising and load sharing control functionality to allow it to run in parallel with the grid. G10 protection was also installed to comply with ESB rules when connecting parallel generators to the grid.

During the construction stage on this facility the generator is used to supply site loads on a daily basis. On completion of the site works, the generator reverts to its original standby function.

Key benefits

  • Diesel generation used to support critical loads
  • Generator can run in parallel with the grid to synchronise and share electrical load

Supporting data


Duleek, Co. Meath, Ireland

1,650kVA standby power




Engine Type:

Alternator Type:
Newage Stamford

Primary Fuel:

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