Myatt’s Field

Landmark submarine houses community heating Edina CHP plant

The re-development of Myatt’s Field, a conservation area in South West London, has undergone a major transformation of refurbishment and reconstruction as part of an ambitious combined heat and power (CHP) District Heating Scheme to significantly reduce carbon emissions and deliver reliable and efficient heating and hot water to local residence.


As part of the Government’s £150million regeneration project, Lambeth Council led the formation of the Regenter Myatt’s Field North Consortium which comprises Regenter, Higgins Construction, Rydon Maintenance, Pinnacle PSG and E.ON.

In order for the council to achieve its target of an 80% reduction in carbon emission, a district heating scheme was included for the estate, supplying sustainable heat and power to almost 1,000 homes.

The heating and hot water for the homes are to be supplied by a new CHP installation, part of the sustainability criteria, which is at the heart of the development.

Scope of Supply

Through a competitive tender process, E.ON awarded the contract to recognised CHP supplier, installer and maintenance provider Edina Group.  The scope of supply included the design, supply and installation of the proposed MWM manufactured TCG 2016 V12 natural gas reciprocating engine due to its leading efficiency and performance.  The MWM engine also provides over 650kWt of heat for the district heating scheme and an electrical efficiency in excess of 42% and an overall efficiency of 88%.

The electrical and mechanical drawings supplied by Edina’s Design team were bespoke and the container was purpose built to the clients specification, taking into consideration the technical specification and stringent requirements detailed within the initial tender document.

The ancillaries including exhaust and control panels that were also mounted on skids with final interconnection done on-site.  The engine exhaust system was vertically mounted to minimise the foot print of the equipment and the container was also divided into two sections to accommodate the two week limited access to the submarines opening.  The scheme is designed to accommodate a heat led thermal demand and as such heat rejection is not required.


The location at Myatt’s Field also necessitated an acoustic enclosure for the CHP which was also included in Edina’s design.  E.ON and Edina collaborated closely to bring all these elements together which resulted in a timely and efficient installation, and the CHP engine will be maintained by Edina over a long term service, operation and maintenance contract.

Project Challenges

The CHP is housed within the existing on-site energy centre within the historically known Camberwell Submarine.  Situated between a traffic island, the upgrade and transition of the existing heating system to the new CHP was challenging as it boarders a dual carriageway and concealed 7 metres below street level.  Other challenges included the continuation of supply existing residents and site access, which Edina had a two week window to install the CHP due its transport and infrastructure linkages.

The on-site restrictions and health and safety risks led to an off-site modular approach, which saw the 600kWe CHP engine containerised at Edina’s manufacturing facility based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.  This approach helps reduce the installation and commissioning time and reduces waste, which is a key milestone in the projects sustainability strategy.

I am delighted that this project has taken another step forward today. Working with our partners we look forward to helping create a vibrant, modern and more sustainable community, lowering residents’ energy costs and generating a lower-carbon future for the UK”.

Jeremy Bungey, Head of Community Energy, E.ON.

The District heating system will deliver a 37% CO2 saving over and above a conventional development constructed to minimum building regulations standards. New build properties will achieve, as a minimum, code level 3 of the code for sustainable homes.

Key benefits

  • 80% reduction in co2
  • Creates sustainable heat to power almost 1,000 homes
  • CHP efficiency over 79.8%

Supporting data

E.ON Community Energy

London, United Kingdom




Edina Group

Engine Type:
1 x TCG 2016 V12

Primary Fuel:
Natural Gas

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