Whiteriver Landfill CHP plant

Edina supplies and installs generators at Whiteriver Landfill site and generates 1.4MWe to power approx. 1000 homes, reduce CO2 by 3900 tonnes pa and used as an income generation tool for surplus power exported back to the electricity grid.

Key benefits

  • Generator produces electricity to power 1000 houses
  • Co2 reduced by 3900 tonnes
  • High generator availability providing security of power
  • Electricity exported to the grid and used as income generation"
  • Improve security of power
  • "2792 tonnes per year Co2 savings
  • 50% electricity generated on campus
  • Energy savings of £650k per year
Whiteriver Landfill

Edina CHP generator facility powers homes and reduces CO2 at Whiteriver landfill

Edina supplies and installs generators at Whiteriver Landfill site and generates 1.4MWe to power approx. 1000 homes, reduce CO2 by 3900 tonnes pa and used as an income generation tool for surplus power exported back to the electricity grid.

Louth County Council operates the Whiteriver Landfill Site located at Collon, Co. Louth and in November 2013 the council got the go ahead with plans to generate power by burning methane recovered from the site.

Gas to power

As part of their licence from the EPA, Louth County Council commissioned an energy audit, its’ principal recommendation being that the landfill gas generated there should be used to fuel an electrical generator facility and export power to the national grid. Until now the gas was simply burnt at a flare facility on site.

The untreated flaring of gas was also giving rise to the siloxane emissions as well as full heat into the atmosphere. Some of this gas also escaped into the atmosphere giving rise to the greenhouse gases.

In the absence of these new generators about 600m3/hr of gas would have been flared into the atmosphere which accounts to about 3900kWh of heat dumped into the atmosphere. To minimise the siloxane and sulphur emissions the gas was treated using a carbon scrubbing filter which also prolonged the life of the generators.

The new plant will have the capacity to generate 1.4MW of power for the national grid, and will provide an on-going source of revenue. This will mitigate the maintenance and after-care costs associated with the landfill, which closed in November 2013.

The installation of generators at Whiteriver site results in reduced siloxane and sulphur emissions and revenue by exporting electricity into the national grid.

Scope of Works

In conjunction with RPS, the Councils’ consultants tender and procurement process, Edina was awarded the EPC contract to design, manufacture, supply, install and commission two fully containerised Landfill Gas Generators which included two MWM gas engines capable of generating 1.4MWe.

The MWM TCG 2016 V12 and TCG 2016 V16 engines are world renowned for achieving and maximising efficiencies, coupled with low operating and servicing costs and high reliability and availability.

As part of the solution Edina also supplied a carbon filter to reduce the siloxane and hydrogen sulphide contaminants in the gas which are dangerous for the environment.

Edina was awarded the contract due to its knowledge and expertise within the energy solution industry, having previously installed a generators in a number of landfill sites to great success. Edina’s proposal fundamentally demonstrated economic advantages, offering high financial savings, coupled with a friendly environmental impact.

The containerised generators were manufactured to the client’s specification at Edina’s manufacturing facility in Lisburn, County Antrim, Northern Ireland and included the Edina Operating System (EOS), a remote monitoring and reporting system developed by Edina to maximise the operation and availability of the system.

Project Challenges

The biggest challenge was to meet the gas quality level required to use the gas in the generator which would not only reduce the emissions of the scheme but also prolonged the life of the generators. The site also needed a site SCADA control system and Edina provided a solution for not only site controls but also a CCTV system to monitor the site security.

As the client required a full turnkey installation, Edina’s engineers were responsible for not only supplying the containerised engines, but also to liaise with the utility providers and thus supplying the necessary HV switchgear, LV distribution system and transformers to complete the whole installation.

Reducing emissions and energy usage

Due to the extensive remote monitoring and diagnostic tools incorporated, both plants guarantee high availability to provide security of power and ensures its low emissions are fully compliant with air pollution control regulator, TA Luft.

Burning gas in the engine would mean that less high grade heat from 3900kWh would be dumped into the atmosphere along with contaminants resulting in a friendlier environment impact at this landfill site.

The landfill gas installation goes a long way towards Louth County Council reducing their carbon footprint and energy usage in accordance with the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan, which states “the public sector will improve its energy efficiency by 33%”.

The landfill gas generator at Whiteriver generates enough electricity to power approximately 1000 houses while saving 3,900 tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere every year.

Whiteriver Landfill

Supporting and technical data

Louth County Council

Collon, Co. Louth, Ireland





Engine Type:
1 x TCG 2016 V12 1 x TCG 2016 V16

Primary Fuel:
Landfill Gas

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