Wyndford District Heating

Edina CHP powers one of the largest district heating projects in the UK at Wyndford Estate

In 2012, Edina completed the installation and commissioning of a 1.2MWe CHP system at the Wyndford Housing Estate. The CHP installation is part of the new Energy Centre, one of the largest of its kind in the UK, designed to improve the energy efficiency of 1900 homes.


Working in conjunction with Scottish and Southern Energy and the Cube Housing Association, Vital Energy appointed Edina as their preferred CHP supplier, installer and maintenance provider for the project.


Cube Housing Association stated that the key aims of the retro-fit low carbon energy scheme at Wyndford are to reduce fuel poverty and ensure that its housing stock meets the decent homes standard. An estimated 658,000 households were in fuel poverty in Scotland in 2010.

The homes included in the scheme are all currently heated by electric storage heaters which are less energy efficient and more costly than the new system being installed. The district heating and CHP plant has been designed to deliver low carbon energy in a cost effective manner to help alleviate fuel poverty.



At the core of the pioneering Wyndford scheme is a bespoke Energy Centre which comprises a 1.2MW CHP engine and a thermal store with a capacity of 120,000 litres. Three 4500kW gas boilers provide back-up and peak load heat requirements.

As the official distributor in the UK and Ireland for MWM manufactured gas engine technology, Edina supplied and installed the TCG 2020 V12 CHP plant due to its maximum energy savings and long term operational benefits.

The electricity generated by the CHP engine will be exported to the local electricity grid. The CHP system takes away the need for each home to have an individual boiler making it an affordable and energy-efficient way of heating homes.

Around 2.7km of underground pipes distribute hot water from the Energy Centre to the individual buildings connected to the district heating scheme.

The district heating scheme will lead to greater fuel efficiency and economies of scale, meaning cheaper fuel bills for community, public buildings and local businesses connected to the network. At the Wyndford estate in Maryhill, where the First Minister officially launched the scheme on the 27th November 2012. Tenants are expected to save up to 25 per cent on their fuel bills as a result of the new technology.

The energy centre was officially opened by Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond, at the opening ceremony the First Minister stated:

By investing £2.67 million in these district heating schemes, we are working towards reducing fuel poverty and bringing down heating bills for some of those who are most in need. That is good news for tenants in Glasgow and for our NHS in Fife, and the low-carbon technology means it’s also better for the environment.”

It is the latest in a range of measures we are taking to help make low-cost, low-carbon heating technology more widely available for social and private housing, where, for example, we are making Home Renewable Loans available for private households.”

The Wyndford scheme is playing a huge role in helping the city of Glasgow meet its ambitious 30 per cent carbon reduction target.

Key benefits

  • Reduce energy bills by up to 25% for tenants
  • Electricity generated from the chp is exported back into the electricity grid
  • CHP plant contributes to glasgow's 30% carbon reduction target

Supporting data

Vital Energi

Glasgow, Scotland




Edina Group

Engine Type:
1 x 1.2MWe TCG 2020 V12

Primary Fuel:
Natural Gas

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