MWM to offer 25% blended hydrogen gas engines

Jan 31, 2022

Edina technology partner MWM has announced its intention to roll out commercially available gas engines capable of operating on natural gas blends with up to 25% hydrogen for its engine series TCG 3016, TCG 3020, TCG 2032 and TCG 2032B.


The phased roll-out is expected later this year and MWM will also offer retrofit conversion kits to existing plant capable of operating on hydrogen blends of up to 25%. Today, MWM gas engines can operate with hydrogen blends of up to 10% and provide high efficiency and optimal fuel efficiency.

Tim Scott, MWM Director, said, "We are delighted to offer our customers hydrogen-based high-performance energy solutions that can help them reduce carbon emissions and use more sustainable energy sources.”

Hugh Richmond, Edina CEO, said, “The pathway to decarbonisation is technology neutral and gas-fired CHP utilising transitionary low carbon fuel or hydrogen will play a significant role in realising that ambition.”

MWM has a long history of utilising alternative fuel gas for power generation with many of its gensets operating on coking gas, coal mine methane, biogas, landfill gas, and sewage gas.

MWM gas engines are widely used for prime, continuous, and load management configurations within Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Flexible Generation plants to balance intermittent renewable generation. Edina, MWM UK and Ireland distributor, has close to 1GW electrical installed capacity worth of power plants within hospitals, commercial buildings, industrial manufacturing, and the flexible generation sectors.

Over two decades of hydrogen gas experience

Globally, MWM has vast experience with hydrogen utilisation within its TCG engine series, with numerous projects in operation for over 23 years. During this period, MWM has gained extensive experience through its product range with customer projects and fuels with hydrogen content of up to 60%. MWM’s ongoing commitment to improving the performance of hydrogen-fuelled gas engines results in minimal impacts on maintenance costs, schedules, availability, and operations.

Tim Scott concluded, “Through the use of renewable hydrogen as a sustainable energy source, our industry will continue to make a valuable contribution to the supply of reliable and sustainable energy. We are excited that MWM is part of this sustainability effort”.

The development and launch of hydrogen blended solutions address growing customer demand as the hydrogen supply infrastructure matures. MWM is committed to helping customers meet their climate-related goals by providing products that facilitate the fuel transition, increase operational efficiency, and reduce emissions.

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