MWM TCG 3042 Gas Engine

Strong and Efficient

The MWM TCG 3042 gas engine series are spark-ignited engines that make use of the lean-burn principle. The single-stage turbocharged, charge air cooled 20-cylinder engines achieve an electrical efficiency of up to 48 percent and a total efficiency of up to 93 percent. The natural gas-fired gensets reach outputs of 9,830kWe to 10,300kWe with a consistently high efficiency. Furthermore, the use of a spark plug-operated pre-combustion chamber enables combustion with low emissions.

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TCG 3042 Gas Engine

Electrical Outputs: 9,830kWe - 10,300kWe
10.3MWe MWM TCG 3042 gas engine

Maximum Efficiency

With outputs ranging from 9,830kWe to 10,300kWe, the new TCG 3042 boasts the highest output in the MWM product range with maximum electrical efficiency achieving 48 percent and best total efficiency of 93 percent.

Optimum Space Utilisation

Fewer components through modular design and integral structure ensure fast setup and minimal footprint. Because of its standard modular design, minimal space is required between multiple engine installations.

Easy Maintenance and Low Operating Costs

The TCG 3042 greatly reduces operating costs through easy maintenance and long maintenance intervals. The genset offers high reliability, modular design, and integral structure which reduce the number of components and facilitate the maintenance.

High Flexibility

Suitable for natural gas applications and can be optimised for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation or for power generation only (depending on the application scenario). The TCG 3042 is available for high altitude installations, high intake air temperatures, and various fuel gas types with different methane numbers. Elsewhere, the TCG 3042 can be configured between summer and winter mode for Cogeneration power plant applications.


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