Edina awarded CHP contract at acclaimed organic waste and energy plant in Scotland

Oct 19, 2016

Leading supplier, installer and maintenance provider for combined heat and power (CHP) solutions, Edina Group, have been awarded the contract to supply and install an additional CHP biogas engine.

Built in 2011 and officially opened by Princes Charles in May 2012, SSE Barkip Biogas plant is one of the largest combined organic waste treatment and energy generating facility in Scotland.

The plant processes up to 75,000 tonnes of organic and food waste per year, and currently outputs 2.2MW of renewable electricity, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the biogas produced.

The new MWM manufactured TCG 2016C V12 CHP engine will accompany the sites existing two engines, providing an additional 600kWe, totalling a plant power output of 2.8MWe. The MWM CHP engine will be containerised within an acoustic enclosure at Edina’s manufacturing facility based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland and delivered in modular form to site.

Plant feedstock is mainly food waste such as organic household waste, supermarket waste, surplus production from the food processing industry, and manure. The anaerobic digestion (AD) plant includes a separation facility used for de-packaging household and supermarket waste which removes inert material from the organic feedstock before being processed in the biogas plant.

The bacteria breaks down the waste to produce methane rich biogas, which is then combusted in the CHP gas engines to generate electricity. The electricity is then sold to the National Grid and part of the process heat recovered from the engines is used to power the AD plant.

The AD plant produces a low cost PAS110 bio fertiliser to support local agriculture and sold to local farmers.

Ian Farr, Sales Manager at Edina, says; “We are delighted to be part of such an acclaimed project. SSE Barkip Biogas plant makes a real difference in reducing community waste levels, which otherwise would have been sent to landfill. The plant has seeded a behavioural change in Scotland and in doing so, engaged local authorities, food manufacturers and farmers to make a real difference in combating waste and generating renewable energy.”

As the sole distributor for MWM in the UK and Ireland, Edina have successfully supplied, installed and currently maintain over 100MWe installed biogas plants across the UK, Ireland and recently in Australia. MWM engines are world renowned for achieving maximum electrical and thermal efficiency, low operating and servicing costs and high reliability and availability of over 90%.

The facility is a zero-waste solution and plays an integral role in supporting and delivering Scotland’s renewable energy production and waste recycling targets.

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