Edina supplies 1.2MWe engine to Australian waste management company Ti Tree Bioenergy

Dec 19, 2017

Edina has won a contract to supply a 1.2MW MWM gas engine to Eneraque Pty Ltd for the Australian based Ti Tree Bioenergy as part of their environmental strategy.

The 1.2MWe MWM engine will accompany the sites existing three 1.15MWe gas engines designed, manufactured, installed, operated and maintained by Eneraque Pty Ltd.

The Ti Tree Bioenergy facility is a major advancement in waste management that utilises “best practice” to dramatically accelerate the rate of waste stabilisation, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and utilises the biogas produced by the waste (mostly methane) to produce electricity.

The MWM manufactured TCG 2020 V12 reciprocating gas engine offers market leading performance and efficiency, and offers low operating and low lifecycle costs.

The Queensland facility utilises the 36 million cubic metre void left over from a previous open cut coal operation on the outskirts of Ipswich. As the site is filled, completed areas are rehabilitated to complement the surrounding natural environment. Ti Tree Bioenergy is located adjacent to main roads and rail transport, further enhancing its appeal for economically sustainable waste management in Australia and the world.

In conjunction with the development of the green energy from the Bioreactors, the facility also focuses on sustainable development in all facets of its operations, such as the development of forestry plantations and wildlife corridors.

It is estimated that at full production, the net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions will be equivalent to removing 90,000 cars from the road or planting 1.4 million trees. Ti Tree is the way of the future for environmentally sustainable waste management.

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