Scotland Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition

Oct 11, 2022

Edina will be exhibiting at the Scotland Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition, held at SEC Glasgow on the 13th of October 2022.

Representatives from Edina will be available at show stand C15 to discuss your requirements for Combined Heat and Power (CHP), battery energy storage, and standby generation. Edina has over 20 projects and almost 100MWe installed within Scotland’s manufacturing sector.

Managing energy costs with hydrogen-ready Combined Heat and Power

On-site generation like Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plays a significant role in managing energy costs and can provide a rapid return on investment within one year. CHP is also energy-efficient at cogenerating electricity and heat from a single low-carbon, renewable or hydrogen fuel source.

System Integrated battery energy storage

Energy storage creates capabilities and efficiencies for the electric grid and assists in mitigating climate change. Renewable energies are intermittent, and their capacity to produce energy varies with time. Energy storage from renewable energies can avoid any curtailment of renewable energies during favourable weather conditions when excess wind or solar energy gets generated.

Battery energy storage can also integrate with hydrogen-ready CHP plants forming a hybrid power solution. In doing so, sites can benefit from the CHP engine operating at an increased load factor, higher thermal efficiency, and lower primary fuel consumption with reduced maintenance costs. Thermally lead CHP plants can store/shift excess generated power to maximum heat demand to reduce or avoid costly power imports from the grid.

Manufacturing Scotland

The one-day exhibition and conference will serve as a national forum for manufacturers and operators involved throughout the associated supply chains across Scotland to discuss current industry challenges.

The event will connect and engage key stakeholders across Scotland’s manufacturing sectors; food and drink, energy, renewables, electronics, aerospace, biopharma, MedTech, healthcare, construction, textiles, procurement, and precision engineering.

The Government of Scotland is committed to improving productivity and increasing investment in the manufacturing industry as a means of helping to redress regional imbalances and grow the Scottish economy. Initiatives such as the development of the National Manufacturing Institute for Scotland (NMIS) and the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre (MMIC) are helping to drive innovation, establish links with academia and encourage businesses to harness new technologies to enhance efficiency.

For more information and to register your participation, visit the event page, and we’ll look forward to welcoming you at the Edina show stand.

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