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District Heating


District heating schemes are networks of pre-insulated pipes used to carry heat, steam or hot water from the point of generation and distributed to the end user. District heating schemes are typically used for residential, community, commercial and public premises, or mixed-use developments. Whether they are installed above or below ground, district heating networks offer a flexible and sustainable energy solution and can be powered by combined heat and power (CHP) plants, to which the heat would otherwise be wasted in power generation or industrial processes.

Benefits of district heating:

  • Improve security of supply
  • Efficiently manage energy supply and demand
  • Reduce the costs of energy generation
  • Increase fuel efficiency through CHP application
  • Reduce CO2 emissions through heat optimisation

The market leading performance from the MWM engine range is ideally suited for the application of CHP.  This combined with our fully inclusive maintenance package and proven track record in delivering CHP plants for district heating application, will provide the maximum energy savings and long term benefits to your energy project.