Edina achieves 1GW in contracted MWM gas engines in the UK and Ireland

Nov 20, 2023

Edina, a distributed energy solutions provider, announced today (20th November 2023) that it has surpassed the 1 Gigawatt (GW) electrical contracted milestone for MWM Gas Engines sold in the UK and Ireland.

Edina achieved its biggest milestone to date - upon signing a contract to deliver an 800kWe Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solution for a hospital in Northern Ireland.

Pictured staff at Edina's Production Facility. L-R: Richard Patton (Head of Production, Edina), Ricci Alves (Finance Director, Edina), Pedro A. Gil Vodermayer (Sales Director, MWM), Cathal Longwill (Head of Sales Ireland, Edina), Bart Myers (Vice President Large Electric Power Division, Caterpillar), Lee Twiby (Head of Projects and Design, Edina), Hugh Richmond (CEO, Edina), Adam Bloom (Head of Sales UK, Edina), Chris Arrand (Commercial Contracts Manager, Edina), Stephen Nullis (Group Chief Engineer, Edina), Nitin Wadwa (Chief Finance Controller, Edina) and Victoria Keys (Head of Human Resources, Edina)


A hydrogen-capable MWM TCG 3016 V16 CHP gas genset will power the hospital. The CHP plant is scheduled for commercial operation in 2024 and will produce enough electricity and heat to meet the hospital’s energy demand, thus reducing its dependency on grid-imported power, thereby improving the reliability of its electric power supply.

“To achieve such an important milestone in under 17 years is a testament to our staff, our longstanding relationship with MWM, and notably our customers who have trusted Edina to improve their energy and sustainability goals, many of whom we are still supporting to this day.”

Hugh Richmond, Edina, CEO

“Congratulations on reaching 1GW of sales in the UK and Ireland, “Edina is one of the few distributors worldwide to achieve this remarkable milestone. This achievement results from Edina’s customer focus, strong sales and service approach, and a high-quality product that continues to provide value to the customer throughout the life cycle.”

Bart Myers, Vice President for Caterpillar’s Large Electric Power Division

Edina was awarded the authorised distributorship for MWM gas gensets in the UK and Ireland in 2006 and is a recognised solutions provider for gas-fired cogeneration plants, flexible reserve generation, standby generation, and recently, Edina’s system-integrated battery energy storage systems

The longevity and continuous innovation of the MWM product supported by our end-to-end total solution provision is one of the key reasons why we have enjoyed such lasting success.”

Hugh Richmond, Edina, CEO

Trading since 1985, Edina was initially a service and maintenance provider for standby diesel generation in Dublin, Ireland, before expanding into the UK and becoming a distributor for MWM products. 

Edina secured its first MWM gas genset order in 2006 for Leeds General Infirmary Hospital. The scope of work included supplying and installing a 3.9MWe CHP plant which produces on-site electricity and heat to the hospital and surrounding University buildings. In doing so, the CHP plant reduces the hospital’s energy costs thereby improving the reliability of its electric power supply.

Today, Edina has installed over 650 MWM gas engines spanning over 350 projects within the Food and Drink, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Glasshouses, Commercial Buildings, District Heating, Data Centres, Hospitals, Sewage Treatment and Waste Management, and Flexible Generation sectors.

Customer CHP projects use a variety of low-carbon and renewable fuels. From transitionary natural gas to biogas, landfill gas, and sewage gas, Edina’s distributed power plants are hydrogen-ready for when the gas grid accepts a greater volume of hydrogen within the network.

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