Edina finalist in the prestigious 2023 Energy Storage Awards

Sep 14, 2023

Edina, a distributed energy solution provider for on-site power generation, hydrogen enabled Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants and system-integrated battery energy storage systems (BESS) for the utility and industrial sectors, today announced its EPC and co-located hybrid solutions has been shortlisted for the Energy Storage Awards 2023 in the System Integrator of the Year and Grid-scale Co-located or Hybrid Energy Storage Project of the Year categories.


System Integrator of the Year

Working with ForePower to deliver the 10MW BESS solution at Doncaster Power, Edina’s system-integrated solution is predicated on its 35 years of technical capability in delivering CDM compliant large-scale infrastructure projects as an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor and leverages its existing technical expertise within design, engineering, project management, commissioning, and asset-care capabilities, and can liaise with aggregators to operate the asset.

The Edina modular outdoor BESS solution is engineered and assembled in-house at its UK engineering facility. The modular solution encompasses tier 1 battery cell chemistry, thermal management system, battery management system and fire detection and suppression systems. The skid is combined with a skid-mounted inverter system. An Energy Management (EMS) system is provided to control and monitor functionality and interfaces with Edina’s 365, 24/7 Central Remote Monitoring System.


Grid-scale Co-located or Hybrid Energy Storage Project of the Year

The co-location of hydrogen enabled Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants, standby power generation and battery energy storage assets allowed commercial food waste processor, BioteCH4, to navigate the energy trilemma in balancing costs, sustainability, and resilience, at its Holme Bioenergy site.

The solution included two hydrogen-ready CHP plants rated at 1.2MW electrical output each. The heat output from the gas engines is captured and meets the site process demand for heating and hot water and achieves energy utilisation of up to 90% during the winter months, which is significant when comparing import grid electricity and conventional heat production.

The transition to gas CHP saves the site an additional 2,500 tonnes of CO2 per year and reduces site energy costs by 50% per year.

The inclusion of a 1MW 1-hour duration BESS provides energy resilience and smooths out the site energy demand to within the operating load step capabilities of the baseload gas engines. The BESS includes three CATL EnerOne Li-Ion LFP racks, EPC inverter, and an Edina Energy Management System pre-mounted on an Edina engineered skid.

Finally, as a tertiary supply, a standby diesel generator with the potential to be fuelled by green Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) provides an additional level of energy resilience.
The inclusion of a private wire network allows BioteCH4 to export surplus power to its neighbouring engineering and construction business Park Fabrications for expansion and business growth.

About the Energy Storage Awards 2023

Delivered by Solar Media, the Energy Storage Awards aim to reward excellence and hard work in the European industry, recognising the pioneering spirit and dedication to positive change it represents. 

There are 12 prestigious categories in 2023’s inaugural staging of the annual awards, with winners selected by a panel of impartial expert judges.

Winners will be announced at a ceremony that will take place on the 28th of September, 2023, in London, UK.

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