Edina CHP project Queen Elizabeth University Hospital recognised at ADE Awards 2018

Nov 2, 2018

Edina, alongside demand-response provider Flexitricity, are delighted to win the Commercial category award at the ADE Awards 2018 with Glasgow project Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

CHP and Demand Response

Edina installed the 3.6MWe combined heat and power (CHP) plant in 2014 to reduce energy costs, carbon emissions and maintain security of power supply.

More recently, the hospital was also keen to play an important wider role underpinning energy security within Great Britain by participation in the Capacity Market and demand response by working with Edinburgh based Flexitricity.

At times of energy system stress, the site has made a commitment to ensure that it will generate to avoid system blackouts, providing a benefit that transcends the operational needs of the hospital.

Why it won its category award

National Grid Power Response Manager, Rhiannon Marsh, said; “We chose the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital as the winner for the commercial category because of the multi-benefits it demonstrated.”

Rhiannon Marsh, concluded; “What stood out to us were the energy, carbon and financial savings as well as the focus on additional revenue streams for flexibility and contributing to the wider electricity system. This project shows how best practice can be shared with other hospitals and local community are also taken into account thinking about how surplus heat can be utilised.”

About the Awards

The annual Awards is the ADE’s flagship event – recognising and celebrating collective achievements in decentralised energy to include combined heat and power (CHP), energy efficiency, demand side management, heat networks and integrated energy solutions.

The ADE Awards 2018 took place at the City of London Guildhall, understood to be the oldest building in the UK and connected to a heat network – powered by CHP.

As event sponsor, Edina showcased its evolution and long term growth ambition in a short video featurette entitled ‘Power the Future’ in light of the company’s acquisition by EESL and UK partner EnergyPro.

For more information about the award winners, please visit the ADE.

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