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Our Group Integrated Management Systems Policy


Within the scope of our Integrated Management System. We recognise that providing our customers with a quality service whilst minimising our impacts on the environment and ensuring the safety of our staff are critical to our business.

We are committed to providing the necessary resources to ensure we continuously improve our business practices within these core areas. To achieve this, we have developed and will maintain an Integrated Management System that will meet the requirements of the current versions of ISO9001, ISO14001 & BS OHSAS18001.

This ‘Integrated Management System Policy Statement’ calls for continual improvement within our management activities and business will be conducted according to the following principles: We will:

  • Ensure Top Management are accountable for making best use of our management resources in all Quality, Environmental, Health, Safety & Welfare and related Social Responsibility matters to continually improve our Integrated Management System and its effectiveness in delivering our overall strategic organisational objectives;
  • Comply with all applicable Environmental, Safety and Social Responsibility laws, statutory regulations and stakeholder requirements;
  • Ensure the Integrated Management System is reviewed regularly by top management to ensure it is appropriate to the nature and scale of our service provision, environmental impacts and health & safety risks;
  • Regularly set, review and communicate our ‘Integrated Management System Objectives’ and performance against defined objectives throughout the organisation and to interested parties where appropriate;
  • Work closely with our stakeholders, customers and suppliers to establish the highest quality standards;
  • Endeavour to continually improve our environmental performance by preventing pollution, minimising waste, minimising the use of natural resources and reduce the direct and indirect impact of our operations on the local environment;
  • Seek to ensure that the sustainability and recyclability of proposed new products is considered before they are accepted into our product range;
  • Remain committed to preventing and mitigating health, safety and welfare related risks, injury and ill-health to ensure that activities are safe for employees, associates, sub-contractors and others who come into contact with our workplace. These risks will be assessed and updated regularly;
  • Adopt a forward-looking view on future business decisions which may have impacts on our ability to provide customers with a quality service, minimise environmental impacts, compromise the safety & welfare of our direct and indirect employees or commit to fulfilling our social and ethical responsibilities;
  • Provide appropriate quality, environmental, social responsibility, and health and safety information and training for our employees, building on competencies and encouraging them to apply good practice, both at work, on site and at home;
  • Notify our employees, vendors and customers about our Ethics, Anti-corruption and Gifts policies and enforce them accordingly;
  • Ensure this policy is available to the interested parties and where appropriate, actively communicate it to all direct employees, indirect employees and other interested parties, whilst regularly reviewing it to ensure it continues to meet our requirements;